1858 bbgourmet

bbgourmet1858 - 1The bbgourmet group is one of the references of gastronomy in Porto, with innovative concepts allied to some irreverence, the group created a basis of success, much in particular with its bbgourmet Maiorca, which quickly spread to other parts of the city.

Recently they opened a new space, the 1858 bbgourmet, also called creative bbgourmet, a restaurant downtown associated with another business, the Oporto Serviced Apartments, a series of small apartments, brilliantly decorated, matching very well the minimalist contemporary with some classic details. The building, from 1858, was totally rebuilt to create these apartments that work as a small Hotel, to which the restaurant is associated, open from breakfast to dinner, with different proposals to each part of the day.

bbgourmet1858 - 2But on to what really took us there, the presentation of the menu “Carta Branca” (35€ p.p.), a concept that’s not still very rooted among us, where the guest hands himself to the chef without ever knowing what he’s going to get.

We started the meal with a Tonic Port, made with Tawny instead of White Port, sweeter but interesting to open the night. Accompanying, water bread, broa de Avintes (corn bread) and olive paste.

bbgourmet1858 - 8Falafel with Middle Eastern flavors
A dish that takes us in a nice trip to the flavors of the Middle East, from the yogurt and lemon sauce to the freshness of the cucumber, everything worked well with the falafel, well prepared and seasoned (although one of them was overcooked).

bbgourmet1858 - 7Tuna, mackerel and citrus
A bold presentation that required more technical domain in the cutting of the elements. In terms of flavor, this deconstruction of the nigiri was well accomplished, with the acidic elements working nicely with the fatness of the fish.

bbgourmet1858 - 6Grilled octopus, violet puree, seaweed (wood ear mushroom) and sweet potato chips
This was the most consensual dish and also the best achieved of the evening. An excellent violet puree, made with red onion, tender and well prepared octopus, with the seaweed bringing the sea to the table in a more intense way and the chips giving a crunchy element helping to give dimension to the dish. Very good.

bbgourmet1858 - 5Crispy suckling pig, fried rice, bacon, rocket and citrus vinaigrette
The suckling pig is almost a mandatory dish in Portuguese restaurants. Here presented with lighter elements as sides, good vinaigrette, less interesting the fried rice (some kind of corns made with basis in rice flour). As to the suckling pig, in one of the dishes it was flawless, crackling skin and succulent meat, on the other it was less accomplished, with soft skin and more cooked meat.

bbgourmet1858 - 4Palate cleanser – Greek yogurt smoothie with red fruits and kiwi

bbgourmet1858 - 3Chocolate textures
Bbgourmet is known for the French basis pastry and much in particular by its entremets. For dessert was presented one of those, a chocolate cake associated with a mousse and crumble. An interesting dish for the chocoholics, sweet enough, accompanied with a light red fruit coulis and vanilla foam.

Accompanying the meal was a Quinta da Fronteira Sel. from Enólogo 2011 of Companhia das Quintas, served at the correct temperature. A wine with the classic Douro profile, with good structure and wood integration, worked nicely with the dishes.

The service is relaxed and it’s evolving (the spaced opened just a few days ago), although showing already a nice accuracy in the service and explanation of the dishes (essential when opting for this kind of menu).

Final Remarks
I like the bbgourmets, the way they offer a more current cuisine with fair prices, with a wide offer of products, solutions and spaces with an interesting environment. This new 1858 is no exception, the space is tastefully decorated, with sophistication, and the restaurant combines with an elegant terrace with an executive menu, promising to be an excellent spot for the evenings in the center of town. The cuisine presents good ideas and a good notion of what is expected for this bolder concept. However still presents some technical flaws, typical of a new space, without the mechanics of the kitchen well implemented yet. The future will quickly correct them!

A word also for the apartments installed in the same building, with names of famous streets of Porto and a super tasteful decoration with prices from 100€ a night.

1858 bbgourmet e Oporto Serviced Apartments
Rua de Cedofeita, 377 – Porto
+351 223 295 524

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 Photos: Flavors & Senses

We were at 1858 bbgourmet as an invitation to the presentation of the new restaurant and the Oporto Service Apartments, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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