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How to travel around Thailand | Transportation

Arriving in Thailand is not a hard task, just a long one, with flights arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport coming from all around the world, with one or another scale added to the trip. In our case a trip with two scales, starting from Porto to Lisbon, and then Lisbon to Dubai, ending up in the amazing […]

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Massages in Thailand

Hotel Intercontinental Bangkok Well, everybody knows that if there’s something you really have to try in Thailand are the massages, right? This country is known in the entire world as being the country of massages. There are massages for every taste (really every single one!), including the bad reputation ones, I chose to try the […]

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Chiang Mai – Sunday Market (Walking Street)

When I started planning my trip to Thailand, Chiang Mai was always in my visiting plans, not only for its religious side or the surrounding nature, but also for its markets, and most particularly for its famous street food. The Sunday Market is, like the name says, a market that happens every Sunday between 4 […]

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Tiger Kingdom

I’m quite suspicious to be talking about the Tiger Kingdom because of my passion for cats and my persistence in thinking that tigers are just “a little bigger” cats, so it was my desire for a long time to visit a place like this. I’m glad to know that this place transmits the idea that […]

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5 things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of those endless cities where the day never really comes to an end, so much is the bustle and the intensity lived in town. To the tourists that visit the city for the first time there are obvious things they’ll certainly visit, like the Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) or […]

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Thailand – What to pack

I have never traveled to an Asian country before, with so different cultures, climate, customs and traditions. Being a typical woman, the organization of my suitcase is always a headache, so, the most important thing to do is a list of everything we need, in order to assure we don’t take unnecessary items and don’t […]

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The best tips to get to know London

London Bridge London is a marvelous city, cosmopolitan and modern, but also with the tradition well kept. Its entrepreneurial side is so strong and the city lives so fast that many times we can’t even realize how much touristic the city also is. The time of the year chosen to visit London is one of […]

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Oporto – PROVA Wine Food & Pleasure

Porto is living beautiful days in terms of renovation and opening of new spaces. A lot of them won’t have the quality to survive after their opening Boom, for sure, for one reason or another, but almost always because of the basis (a copy of another business – for example “tappas” that are snacks and […]

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Oporto – The British Factory House (Feitoria Inglesa)

The Feitoria Inglesa (British Factory House) may be one of the most well kept secrets in Porto. Built between 1785 and 1790, under the orders of Consul John Whitehead, it served the interests of the English community in city, strongly connected to the business of Port Wine. Since 1811, with the extinction of the Factories, it […]

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Port Wine Cellars – Graham’s 1890 Lodge

Graham’s 1890 Lodge was born that very same year in the idyllic setting of Vila Nova de Gaia, slightly distant from the other cellars, with a view over Porto and the beautiful city bridges. Open to the public for more than 20 years now, it was renovated in 2013, setting a new way of looking […]

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