Hostaria Il Rialto

Latin countries are made of roots and traditions, and the gastronomy is without a doubt one of the most important elements. In Portugal, Spain or Italy there are many restaurants of a traditional nature that do endure the origins of the cuisine and therefore the culture, with simple recipes passed from hand to hand between relatives that over time transformed into icons of a region and increasingly characterize their country.

 When we travel to embrace the culture of another country there are few things as important as embracing the most traditional gastronomy, run away from the more tourist places and embrace the roots. This is what we’ve done in Siena, right next to the popular and crowded plaza Del Campo, when we entered the Hostaria Il Rialto, a small restaurant that opened in 2013 by the hands of Barbara and Marina. With rustic looks and decoration, we were transported to a familiar relaxed environment.

Anti Pasto, Prosciutto, Salami, cured Suasage, Capocollo
Nice start to the meal with a great selection of traditional cuts. Spotlight on the Capocollo, always a favorite among charcuterie.

Ribollita, beans, bread and cabbage
It is a traditional soup in Tuscany, in everything similar to a nice  portuguese Açorda, a strong and heavy dish, ideal for the winter days, with an excellent combination of textures and flavors.

Mezzelune, Ricotta, and duck ragù
Another traditional dish with a kind of ravioli cut in half Moon (Mezzelune), filled with ricotta. Pasta with correct thickness and cooking point, elevated flavor by the juicy sauce of duck meat. An excellent pasta dish.

Pappardelle, wild boar ragù
The wild boar meat is one of the most appreciated by the Tuscan (and myself as well). In this recipe it serves as base to a good sauce where the rosemary is one of the predominant elements of the seasoning. Nice flavor and confection.

The cliché dessert of any Italian restaurant, the Tiramisu, here in an iced version, like a Semifreddo, that although not compromising didn’t make it to the level of the main courses presented.

Cantucci and Vin Santo
These are traditional Tuscan sweets in which the dried fruits reign. The sweet wine Vin Santo is the traditional dessert wine in Tuscany, here used to dip the small biscuits. Very good.

We accompanied the meal with a Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG Il Poderaccio 2007, a small producer from the Siena region that presents a simple wine with good structure and elegance which went well with the meal.

Final Remarks
The Hostaria Il Rialto is one of those small places, with affordable prices, where you don’t go to see or be seen, but to know the best and most innovating cooking techniques, a place to go and eat simple food with tradition and respect for the ingredients. Barbara and Marina are to be congratulated for creating a place that runs away from the “tourist hunt”, and this is increasingly rare. The quality of the dishes and the excellent price/quality ratio make of Il Rialto a sure bet for both locals and visitors of the beautiful city of Siena.

Hostaria Il Rialto
Via del Rialto 4, Siena

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