For those passionate about the pleasures of the table, Adeline Grattard doesn’t need presentations, mostly for her restaurant Yam’Tcha and her presence at the famous Netflix show “Chef’s Table”. Briefly speaking, she studied at the famous Parisian school Ferrandi,  and developed her technique alongside Pascal Barbot at L’Astrance,  and there met her husband Chi Wah Chan, a specialist in tea. Together they embarked on an adventure to Hong Kong, Chi Wah Chan’s hometown, where she discovered a whole new world of flavours, techniques and spices, and learned with the most prestigious chefs in the region.

When returning to Paris, they decided to open their own restaurant, Yam’Tcha, where tea and wine fight for the spotlight alongside their signature dishes, and quickly they won their first Michelin star and became one of the most interesting tables in Paris.

Among several projects, Lai’Tcha is the lastest one, inspired in the typical street drink that combines black tea with condensed milk – a not at all Parisian coffee, full of Hong Kong spirit, with Asian inspired dishes, take out, coffee and the obvious teas, carefully chosen by Chi Wah Chan.

The name would be enough to justify the first visit, however, what took us to Les Halles was an even greater reason. Unable to make a reservation and visit the restaurant during a short stay in Paris, and knowing on Tuesdays the couple is at the kitchen of Lai’Tcha, we went on to a unique tasting of the most relaxed combinations by Adeline Grattard.

King Crab Spring Roll and scallops with spices 
The start of this tasting anticipates a lucky dinner… Starting with the spring roll, with a moist and full of flavour crab, and obviously homemade, well-paired with a barbecue-like sauce, Chinese homemade version. The scallops, cooked with spices, vegetables and the freshness of the coriander to contrast. Great!

Eggplant, seafood and rice 
Followed a comfortable dish of eggplant, stewed with seafood, vegetables and Asian seasonings, served over rice. A light dish, but at the same time with several dimensions of flavours and textures. While not being a great fan of eggplant I could’ve easily eaten two or three bowls, and that says everything about the dish…

Polpette, China vs Italy
An adaptation of the famous Italian meatballs, to the Chinese recipe book, quickly transporting us to a dim sum filling, full of flavour and well balanced by the fuyu and mushroom sauce. The picture does not live up to the taste of the dish!

Grapefruit, Passion fruit and Shiso and Mocchi
The freshness any ending asks for, with a simple but well-executed grapefruit salad, with passion fruit and shiso. Nicely prepared Mochi, with a delicate and soft dough, as it should! Beautiful ending!

The service was simple and discrete, in a calm and super serene environment – it seems not a lot of people know about the chef’s dinners at the restaurant… And for us that turned out great!

Final Remarks

It could be a neighbourhood coffee shop or restaurant, but the food, the concept, and of course the people behind it, make Lai’Tcha a unique experience! For the almost exclusive experience offer, for the most exclusive offer of Hong Kong dishes and food, and for the quality of the produce – Adeline Grattard is proud to keep the same suppliers and producers from her gastronomic restaurant – the visit is more than worthy, as it was at the small Boutique Yam’Tcha. The Tuesday menus with the chef’s signature are the cherry on top of the cake, in one of the best experiences of Chinese influence in the city of light. Oh, and it is said to also have one of the best Brunch in town…

To repeat!

Prices from 33€ – (without wines)
7 rue du Jour – Paris
+33 1 40 26 05 05

Versão Portuguesa

Photos: Flavors & Senses

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