Lausanne – what you must do in the most beautiful town in Switzerland!

Lausanne was founded by Romans next to the lake, in the I century. Later, the population would move to the hills, to be safer.

Here is nowadays located the beautiful and magical Old Town (Vieille Ville).

It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the country and one of the main economic and cultural areas in francophone Switzerland.

We were there for three days, enough to fall in love with every detail.

What can’t you miss in this beautiful city on the north side of Lake Geneva?

The stay at Lausanne Palace
A memorable hotel with unpaired refinement, where I certainly intend to come back in the future! But I tell you all about that in here.

Tour Bel-Air and Salle Métropole
The building gives a cosmopolitan touch to the city and was very controversial by the time it was built! The architect, Alphonse Laverrière, wanted a touch of Wall Street in Lausanne and built, in 1931, the first skyscraper in town, but the people raised against it (and very well, in my opinion)  because they were afraid it would be higher than the cathedral, and because Wall Street was one of the epicenters of the economic crash.

However, today, it’s one of the city postcards.

Eglise St-Laurent
The facade is the only example of neoclassic architecture in the city.
A Protestant church built between 1716 and 1719 over the ruins of an old church from the X century.

Place de la Palud
One of the most beautiful squares in town, home of the renaissance Lausanne County building and of the Fontaine de la Justice, from the XVI century.
Here is where you feel the city as if you’re part of it.
There’s a market every Wednesday and Saturday, and once a month te square gets filled with crafts.

It’s worth a visit to just be there and appreciate life!
After the fountain, there’s a simple wood staircase – Escaliers du Marché – which leads to another staircase that goes up to the most beautiful spot in the city, the Cathédral Notre-Dame.

Cathédral Notre-Dame
To me, it was the highlight of this trip to Lausanne. I confess luck was on my side, as usual! We decided to go up to the tower, and for the few good minutes we lost climbing, the weather outside changed and it started to snow, and we got an amazing view of the city painted in white and the feeling time stopped just for us. One of the most beautiful moments of all my travels.

But, back to the Cathedral: it was started in the XII century and finished only in the next century. It’s the most imposing Gothic building in the country.

Palais de Rumine
A neo-renaissance building built between 1896-1906 that was once the University of Lausanne.
Nowadays it’s the library of the university and five museums. The Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, the History and Archeology Museum, and three other dedicated to Geology, Numismatic and Zoology.

Walking around Rue du Bourg
An area of antique houses, with jewelry stores, designer stores, bars and jazz clubs.
One of the most alternative and fun places in town.

Around Lausanne
A bit outside Lausanne, direction Crissier, you find the Hôtel de Ville with three Michelin stars. A great experience for those visiting Lausanne.
And something we didn’t get the chance to do, that’s why we must urgently return to the city!

Olympic Museum
Where you can feel the history of the Ancient Greece athletes through to modern days Olympic games. We didn’t visit so we could have another reason to return!

I must confess that Lucern got to me more in this first trip to Switzerland, but Lausanne is definitely a place to return to, I want to go back to the Lausanne Palace, visit the Hôtel de Ville Crissier and I want to go back to the Cathédral Notre Dame.

To those preparing a trip to Switzerland, Lausanne is definitely a place you can’t miss.


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