Le 5 Codet

In this constant search for luxury, we often find ourselves in the spotlights and glitter of the “see and be seen”.  For me, that search ends, precisely, when I get this sick need to “show off”.

Luxury is more than that, it’s discrete, intimate, the simple subtlety not everybody seems to understand.

We no longer seek the great palaces, the exaggeration of luxury, the invasive and servile service… we search the genuine, empathy, comfort, and above all, privacy.

First Impression
When I saw Le Cinq Codet it was simple to understand its bourgeois and bohemian contemporaneity, characteristic of the area it is located in Paris.

The Rive Gauche has the ability to make us travel in time and in the most interesting Parisian bourgeoisie history, bohemia!

A former telephone central with an unpretentious and elegant touch, a mix of art and nature, and the best location in the city, are just a few of the qualities of Le Cinq Codet.

The view from the hotel is the rather amazing golden dome of the Hôtel des Invalides!

We were warmly welcomed by an employee with a genuine smile and politeness/sympathy in the right proportion, after a few minutes of good talk we realized he was married to a Portuguese woman!

He accompanied us to the reception, our check-in was promptly taken care of, and with the same sympathy and unpretentiousness.

As we arrived early, the room wasn’t ready and we fancied a bit of relaxation in the Lobby as we waited for our uber to take us to a memorable lunch at the classic Le Duc.

At the lobby is quite noticeable the contemporary style of the hotel, sober colors mixed with strong ones and transmitting a live and enthusiastic ambiance!

Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte in the Supper Green exhibit

Art is a great part of Le Cinq Codet, reason why the Supper Green Exposition started, from September to the end of October. Here the guests were invited to reconnect with nature through a sensory exhibit by Studio Marant, where art lives harmoniously with the design as a whole. So, all along the hotel, the spaces are immersed in a green wave, an environment also present in the kitchen, with the chef creating a menu especially for the occasion.

An environment that leaves us asking ourselves: “What is the true nature of today’s world?”

After an amazing lunch, we returned to Le Cinq Codet and went discovering our bedroom.

The bedrooms are one of the highlights of the hotel. They are 67 and are divided into Classic, Superior, Duplex, Deluxe and Family bedrooms and the Suites – Junior, Duplex, Superior and Prestige. With warm and live colors, mixed with white wood, leather and bohemian details with a discrete sensuality, with the touch of the designer Jean Philippe Nuel.

We stayed in a Deluxe, with a generous 29m2. With an extremely elegant contemporary vibe and as functional as I ever seen, and the bathtub in the middle of the room won my heart right away!

The paintings, strategically put on the headboard and the strong colors in the room, gave it its own life. Everything in the bedroom is thought to detail, the care put in the functional part was surely by someone who knows the necessities of the most meticulous client. Both the sofa and the bed had all the electronic functions you could need.

For sure the most functional bedroom I was ever in, and one of the most vibrant and interesting.

Highlight to the last floor, in which the suites have a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and the Hôtel des Invalides, seems you can almost grasp them!

There are three spaces in perfect communion. The restaurant per se, the Patio and the Lounge Bar.

The patio is probably one of the prettiest places in the hotel, a typically Parisian garden environment, with a touch of industrial decor, and also artistic in a contemporary format, transmitting the sensation of comfort and elegance simultaneously. Here are served several meals along the day, if the weather permits!

The Lounge Bar, an extension of the Patio, with a simple glass wall between them, it’s luminous, the environment and the decoration transport us to the 40s, directly to an art deco ambiance.

Last, but not least, and with a cosmopolitan, but also private vibe, we have the Restaurant; Serving the several meals of the day.

Here we had the chance to have breakfast and a very nice dinner, graced by the jazz nights the hotel provides on Saturdays.

If at breakfast the service is simple and effective, with a carefully selected buffet, with the presence of Eric Kaiser pastries, good tea, and great quality cheeses, at dinner, this space becomes more intimate and even more cosmopolitan.

We tasted the specially designed menu of the chef Antoine K’ros to the Super Green Expo, in a combo of ingredients, well accomplished.

Free-range chicken with vegetables  

Highlight to the velvety and delicate cauliflower cream as well as the chicken with vegetables and beetroot cream, where the fresh notes of the pineapple gave another dimension to the dish.

A raspberry “apple” to finish the meal 

Besides all the usual services of a luxury hotel, concierge, wifi, laundry, room service, among others, one of  Le Cinq Codet best qualities is its location, in one of the best neighborhoods of Paris, the 7th.

The hotel is close to some of the best attractions in town, from the Eiffel Tower to the Pont Alexandre III and the Rodin Museum.

But probably one of the best features of the hotel is the Spa, the Sundãri Spa. Here, we can enjoy a perfect relaxation while forgetting the bustle of the city of light.

Equipped with a double room, a sauna and a beautiful terrace jacuzzi that made my delights!
Associated to this space there is also a small fitness room.

As I said along the text, sympathy, and education in a relaxed environment is the motto of Le Cinq Codet’s team. Young faces and smiles are constant.

There is a way of serving without invading, very characteristic of the new luxury, privacy is the most important, and so, the staff sometimes seems it’s not even there. But if you need something the anticipate they answer to our requests.

Le Cinq Codet is all we search for in this new luxury, or best put, in the new way of taking advantage of it – private, intimate, genuine and unpretentious. The best location in town, allied to these features, make this new Boutique Hotel a mandatory spot.

Le Cinq Codet
Bedrooms from 230€
5 rue Louis Codet – Paris
+33 1 53 85 15 60

Versão Portuguesa

Photos: Flavors & Senses

We were at Le Cinq Codet by invitation, whereas this does not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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