Leopard Safaris

Sri Lanka was to be one of the trips of our lifetime. Culture, nature, and adventure were this trip’s motto; therefore, we needed to stay in the middle of the jungle to fulfill it!
The choice fell on Leopard Safaris; with this name, the stay promised!

Leopard Safaris is located practically in the Yala National Park, and as we really wanted to visit this park, this would be the ideal place to stay.
We spent two nights in the middle of the jungle and total communion with nature. It is not a hotel but a luxury tented camp in the middle of nature.

If you know me, you know that the name “Leopard” caught my attention instantly; remember my passion for Kruger Park at &Beyond Ngala. Here’s the article you must read about that trip.

The Camp is divided into a common area, a living room, a bar and a library, whose decoration involves the colors of nature and the textures of the jungle, next to this area we have a pleasant swimming pool and relaxation area, and next to it, a kind of tree house subtly involved in the natural environment of green that reigns throughout the space.

Rooms and small family houses are distributed throughout the complex. Speaking of families, the staff only recommends staying with children over five years old.

We stayed in a tent consisting of a bedroom and an incredible bathroom. “A tent” isn’t exactly the best name for what you can see in the picture, and the truth is that I’ve seen much less attractive hotel rooms! The entrance to the tent had a swing and some carved wooden chairs that made the honors of my late afternoon rest.

Inside, all the comfort expected of a good hotel room was waiting for us, the bed was great, and the sounds of nature we heard throughout the night were both frightening and exciting.

At Leopard Safaris, activities always come down to something related to nature, whether through walks around the complex, safaris to the Yala National Park, or gatherings in places meticulously chosen by the team.

We had the opportunity to do two Safaris to Yala; unfortunately, we didn’t see leopards! The jungle is very different from the savannah; the vegetation is very dense, so we can only see the animals when they move along the paths traced by man throughout the park.

The park has vast areas one can’t visit, limiting what you can see. But we saw crocodiles! They could be more pretty, but they’re quite exciting too! We also had the opportunity to see several species of monkeys, different birds, and elephants.

The colors of Yala are unique, and the sunset, when it happens, blends with nature in such a unique way that I had never seen it before. It’s stunningly beautiful!

One of the most positive points of this stay was the gastronomy. The local food they serve at Leopards Safaris was some of the best we ate during our trip to Sri Lanka. Local cuisine, local products, and dishes made by people with good souls!

Leopard Safaris has a constant concern for the environment. Therefore, all its conduct is to work most sustainably. The complex is perfectly framed in nature; the colors and materials were used and combined so that they also seem like part of the jungle. They also tried to ban plastic almost entirely from the property, and no trees were destroyed during the complex construction.

Considering that, they also invite each guest to plant a tree! Therefore, I can now cross off my life list: “Plant a tree”!

It was an experience that only sinned for the lack of Leopards, but that is something we can’t control because, in the jungle, our species does not rule absolutely anything!

The connection to nature in its purest form and the constant friendliness of all the staff made this stay memorable!

See you soon Leopard Safaris!

Leopard Safaris Yala by KK Collection
Rooms from 450€ per person (all inclusive)
ld Katagamuwa Road Kochipatana, 01234 Yala – Sri Lanka

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Photos: Flavors & Senses

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