Magna Pars Suites Milano

Imagine staying in a former perfume factory, in which the essences of the most varied aromas fill our scent and transport us to places so different, yet so common…

Staying at the elegant and contemporary Magna Pars Suite in the city of fashion, Milan.

Open since 2013, this Small Luxury Hotel of the World is the first hotel of the world dedicated to perfume, much because of its location I dare say. To its structure was added the glamor of the city of fashion, in an area close to the financial and cultural district but with an environment of a true refuge, in Via Forcella, just a few minutes from the train station Porta Genova.

First Impression
In fact, first impressions are everything, and Magna Pars Suites is up to them! The building causes an unpaired impact in our minds with a completely different design from what you’re expecting from a luxury hotel. Its industrial heritage is quite noticeable.

Before getting to the reception we go through several get together spots; nature is a constant presence, with its exuberant central garden.

We realize we’re in a hotel that tells us a story, a story of fragrances that spread and mix in all the environment.

But if your smell is not quite that sharp, as soon as you enter the lobby you have access to different sections with several aromas to test.

The reception itself is small, but serves the purpose, because the important thing here is the surrounding space of the hotel. In it, we have biscuits, juices, and water to relax while doing our check in.

The employee who welcomed us is nice and unpretentious, describing us a bit of the history of the factory/hotel, explaining to us it is divided into three different areas: flowers, fruits, wood, personalized by the different fragrances felt.

The check in is done and after this pleasant talk we are forwarded to our bedroom, or should I call it a loft?!

There are 39 suites, and they are true lofts, with a contemporary decoration and art pieces capable of pleasing the most demanding of the guests.

The furniture was designed by manufacturers of the Lombardy region and each suite is mostly white, accompanied by sober colors, refined fabrics, leather couches and chairs, glass tables and paintings inspired in olfactory elements.

We stayed in a Prestige Suite with its generous 65m2, and what caught my attention the most besides all the luxury, was the light in the room. With windows replacing the usual walls and totally controlled by home automation, all the room invaded by an intense light and with view to the interior garden, gorgeous, and all the structure of the hotel, as well as the other rooms (we still had a view to a quite peculiar photographic session on the room across ours!!!)

Each bedroom is awarded an olfactory note – floral, fruity or wood, ours was cedar, felt in a subtle and harmonious way around the area.

The location of the suites is also based on the height of the tree they represent.

Effectively, all is thought to the tiniest detail!
High score also to the prosecco and fruit that welcomed us.

The hotel has two spaces, the DA NOI IN and the Liquidambar.
The first is a restaurant and the second the bar of the hotel.

The DA NOI IN, characterized by a modern cuisine, creative, with the resource to quality products and ingredients, is inspired by genuine Italian recipes, and it’s in the hands of the chef Fulvio Siccardi.

Here the guests can expect an inviting ambiance, with the glamour and elegance of the entire hotel. It’s open not just for guests but also the rest of the public.

Serves lunch and dinner, but also awards us with a wonderful breakfast.

As to the Liquidambar,  it is the most cosmopolitan area of the hotel. It opens to the interior garden in a perfect combination between art and nature, creating a unique environment.

With cocktails, snacks, and wine, it delights all the guests. Here is also possible to book private parties.

The hotel as all the typical services of a luxury hotel, from room service, laundry, wifi, parking, among others.

One of the services that turns Magna Pars Suites unique is being perfect for events, with a total of four rooms to that effect, and a catering organized by the restaurant of the hotel, DA NOI IN.

So, the Magna Pars Event Space, inaugurated in 1991, is located in the ground floor of the building of the former perfume factory, from the beginning of the XX century.

The Magna Pars Suites Milano was renewed and elegantly structured, reinterpreting the original features of the post-industrial building, making it contemporary.

The hotel also has a well-being area, with a properly equiped gym, treatment and relaxation rooms in a symbiosis with the exterior garden.

One of the ex libris of the hotel is its Roof Deck, a terrace with 300m2 prepared for a social event, but also for a conference.

One of my favorite places was the Lybrary Hall & Balcony Hall and the garden. The first one with comfy sofas, where wood is queen allows us to have perfect idleness moments with a good book as companion, the second one assures a unique comunion with nature.

The hotel has a unique area that it’s the motto of the entire history of the hotel, the LabSolue, the lab where all the fragrances we feel in the hotel are created.

The architecture of the space reflects a creative side combined with its heritage. Showing the past of Magna Pars Suites filled with emotions and prestige.

An elegant wood wardrobe stills our attention and in it, we can see the former Marvin Pharmaceutical Lab, the historical cosmetic brand established by  Vicenzo Martone.

Here the guests, and also curious tourists (the laboratory is all in glass next to the street) can appreciate the 39 essences selected for the hotel.

There’s also a small private library in this space, with perfume related artworks, and literature about perfume.

It’s also possible to buy the hotel’s fragrances.

It is for sure a different place with a perfect combination of elegance and history.

At the Magna Pars Suites, we have the feeling of being home, because we walk around the entire hotel freely, almost without noticing the employees. There’s always a nice employee at the reception, but in the rest of the hotel, we don’t see anyone else, apart from the meal time.

This might be a negative point to some guests, but having in account the cosmopolitan and relaxed environment of the hotel, I thought it was interesting.

Magna Pars Suites was a pleasant surprise in Milan, a unique hotel, with an atmosphere that has as much of heritage, as of contemporaneity. A place that charms through smell and astonishes by the decoration.

I must confess I would live in that loft they insist on calling a bedroom!

Arriverdeci Milano!

Magna Pars Suites
Bedrooms from 234€
Via Forcella ,6 – Milan 
+39 02 833 837 99

Versão Portuguesa

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

We were at Magna Pars Suites by invitation, whereas this does not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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