Paris in 7 Days – Day 6

Day 6

Paris2011 - 100No guide for 7 days in Paris would be complete without a visit to Disney, so ours is no exception.

Many people (mostly those that like me don’t have children) ask themselves if it’s really worth it to visit Disneyland. Well, my answer is simple, please don’t go to Paris without visiting Disney!

Paris2011 - 101At a distance of around 30km from the center of Paris, we arrive to one of the most magical places in Europe. With or without children, this will certainly be one of the funniest days of your lives, the child within you will be reborn (you’ll understand by the pictures).


Disney Paris is divided in two Parks:


Paris2011 - 97 Around here the biggest highlight is the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Robinson Crusoe, Alice in Wonderland, the Haunted Mansion or the Indiana Jones Mountain. To the little ones (João included) the main characters of the Disney Universe cannot be missed, from Mickey, to Goofy on to King Arthur and Snow White.

Paris2011 - 95j See what I meant before?? 

Paris2011 - 99          Paris2011 - 98           Paris2011 - 93

Walt Disney Studios

Paris2011 - 74Here the inspiration is more film inspired, and in a certain way more thought to the adults, with attractions based on the Twilight movies, Armageddon, Toy Story, Nemo and many others.

Paris2011 - 78Which park to visit?? The answer is simple, BOTH!

Of course those who travel with little children or in special times of the year (like the school holidays and public holidays), the lines will take away a lot of the available time, you can’t see the entire park or all the attractions in one day (start to think about two, and even sleep on the park). But I truly think both should be visited.

Paris2011 - 92Out of the high season and weekends, the ideal ticket is the 2 Parks in 1 Day.

Starting, probably, by Walt Disney Studio in the morning and the Disneyland in the afternoon, because the main street animations and parades at Disneyland happen during the afternoon.

In case you have to choose just one Park, because of the children or lack of time, at Disneyland is where the biggest magic happens, and where the biggest smiles are drawn.

Paris2011 - 95           Paris2011 - 90           Paris2011 - 94

Paris2011 - 79mUseful information

Where to buy the ticket:
Disney’s official website

To arrive at the Park you just have to go on the RER A4 and leave at Marne-la-Vallée station, with a stop right in front of the Park. This is a quick and cheap way to arrive at the Park, with the last RER leaving around 11 pm. The only inconvenient is that during some periods, after the closing of the Park, the possibility of a crowded RER and the need to return to Paris standing exists.

Those who don’t have problems in spending a bit more money we suggest once again the service of Blacklane, with its luxury cars and serious drivers.

Paris2011 - 84

Paris2011 - 82           Paris2011 - 70           Paris2011 - 81m

I loved the experience; it’s an authentic enchanted world, in which we are all children.

Paris2011 - 72j The children that never wants pictures…

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Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses


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