Park Hyatt Dubai

In my mind, Dubai was like a science fiction movie, where I would feel a part of a world from 2100! I thought of it as a bustling, chaotic and crazy city, as well as ultra-expensive and without interest for a possible trip!

Oh, I was so wrong!!! Not about everything, it is for sure a science-fiction scenario!

Arriving in Dubai, coming from the calm and paradise-like Abu Dhabi creates an impact that is as exciting, as it is weird! Impossible to calculate the height of the gray skyscrapers! Dubai is around an hour away from Abu Dhabi by taxi, and the taxis are very affordable, even on longer trips.

As soon as we arrived in Dubai we immediately realize the city is constantly mutating! I believe when I return there will be a few more skyscrapers!

We booked this trip in order to get some rest, 2019 was being a very chaotic year and all I needed was to calm down a bit, and I managed that (for me, calming down is a true miracle!) in Abu Dhabi, but arriving in crazy Dubai I didn’t think that would continue! And again… I was completely wrong! And the big responsible for that was Park Hyatt Dubai, a true oasis in the center of this bustling city.

I can start by telling you about our first day with our cicerone, our long time friend, Nelson Catanho, who lives in Dubai for a long time now, and who took us to brunch. It seems that Fridays in Dubai are like our Sundays, for Brunch day and dolce far niente!

And if you think there’s no alcohol in Dubai…Well… You’re wrong! You can drink, and a lot!!! But let’s leave those stories and on to what matters! Our “little” refuge – Park Hyatt Dubai!

First Impression
We arrived at the hotel already at night, and it was superimposing even without a lot of light.

Located in the complex of Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Park Hyatt Dubai is the true meaning of a luxury escape in the most idyllic location. We are near the bustle of the city, but almost hidden in a different world, where serenity reigns1

Arriving at the lobby was like entering a One thousand and one night’s movie, with a mostly Arabic decoration and rich details.

The check-in was quick, and we were accompanied right away to our bedroom, and in a car! As the hotel is very big, and in order for the guest to rest, we are taken by car to our room, and what a room!!!

The hotel has 223 bedrooms and 34 suites, all of them with an amazing view for the Dubai Creek.

Our room, with a small garden and direct access to the Marina, became the perfect refuge in the morning, with nature sounds as background.

Huge, with the perfect decoration, combining Arabic details with a modern style, the bathroom was the perfect place for me. A bathtub in the center, surrounded by mirrors making the perfect barrier with the rest of the room, a roomy shower and a closet next to the mirrors.

The bedroom was perfectly set for a calm wake up, with the bed facing the garden and the Marina.

The subtle orange, brown and beige tones led us to relaxation.

Brasserie du Park

Quality gastronomy, elegant decoration, and amazing views are all features of the bars and restaurants of Park Hyatt Dubai. Here we can find western, Thai and French gastronomy. Let’s start with the Brasserie du Park – with a touch of French cuisine, here we delighted ourselves every day with an amazing breakfast.

At Noépe, we are graced with the best views over the elegant marina and enjoy a summer vibe, easily taking us to Ibiza or Mykonos, where the white and blue make part of the decoration and where we can relax protected from the bustle of the city.


Here we had a nice dinner and tasted a series of snacks highlighting the seafood.

Seafood dish at Noépe

The highlight of the dinner goes to the seafood dish, full of clams mussels, shrimp, oysters, and lobster. Then a nice combo of snacks, like tuna ceviche, shrimp. fried squid and to finish a nice slow roasted rib.

My mandatory dose of sugar!

One of the places I loved the most was the Seventyseventy!

A refined space, inspired by the elegant design of the early ’70s.


The fashion, design and position make of this space a place for clients looking for sophistication.

With signature cocktails, to fall in love with before dinner, or in the end of the night with music, marking our vacations with a unique moment.

Another space is The Thai Kitchen, that uses traditional ingredients directly imported from Thailand. We didn’t get the chance to visit.

The Shisha Lounge was one of my favorite spaces for the warm nights we had there. A lounge where comfort is the main concern, with sofas, pillows, candles, a coffee, and shisha Arab cuisine, and a view to the picturesque marina and Dubai Creek.

One of the places we made the most of was the pool and the Pool Bar, located in the calm environment of the pool.

Elegant decoration with Arab details, the scenario was set to end our days in total relaxation!

For those staying for long periods at the hotel and wishes to have even more variety in terms of food, there are more options around the extense complex of the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club – the Casa de Tapas, the Boardwalk, the Cielo Sky Lounge, and the QD’s Bar & Grill.

The Lagoon

I’m not gonna elongate about the services of any five-star hotel, mainly being a Hyatt group hotel. Those following the blog already know the luxury to which the Hyatt group has gotten us used to.

Here at Park Hyatt Dubai we really have to mention a space – The Lagoon! An authentic oasis in the heart of the hotel. Located in the margins of the Dubai Creek, this majestic lagoon with an infinity pool effect also includes a beautiful private beach.

A refuge of white sand and warm water, where we can almost feel the bustle of the frantic Dubai from afar. The private spots along the lagoon are the perfect place for a memorable sunset.

It was for sure my spot this vacation!

The pool surrounded by the garden the Amara Spa are also of hightlight, and delights the youngest and the families, but he lagoon is easily the favorite spot for couples, as it is more intimate and calm.

Park Hyatt Dubai is also the perfect place for golf lovers, being inserted in a golf complex.

The Hotel has what I call a perfect balance in terms of service. Feeling all the privacy in the world, but whenever you need something there’s someone with you right away.

One of my favorite spots 

For example, spending the day at the lagoon and suddently thinking: “this heat deserved something refreshing12, you open your eyes and there’s staff handing out ice cream. That is the dynamic of the hotel. Always caring for the needs of its guests, without invading their privacy!

Imagine yourselves in a city that doesn’t seem to sleep and a city that enters our mind like it’s going to own us… that city is Dubai!

But imagine you can be in such a place and be protected in a paradise like place – that place is Park Hyatt Dubai!

Park Hyatt Dubai
Bedrooms from 170€
PO Box 2822, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
+971 4 602 1234

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Photos: Flavors & Senses

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