Pousada de Lisboa

Lisboa2015 - 58mThe former headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs gave origin to the new Pousada de Portugal, a building with history, charm and luxury throughout its interior.

Pousada de Lisboa - 41The location couldn’t have been more idyllic, Terreiro do Paço.
Tejo River rivaling with the plaza at the same time it creates an almost overwhelming passion synergy with it; the environment is perfect, the view is astonishing and our mind gets lost in the architecture that was the result of the unique vision of Marquês de Pombal.

Pousada de Lisboa is located in the Northwest corner of this architectural complex and it is a National Monument since 1910.

Pousada de Lisboa - 40First Impression:
After the bustle of getting to the Pousada by car – more by fault of the GPS than the driver – we were received by one of the most polite and friendly employees ever (something that not always happens, unfortunately).

Pousada de Lisboa - 30mThe entrance couldn’t be more memorable, a marble staircase with a velvety carpet, worthy of a gala, appears in front of us and ends in a colorful stained glass calling for us. However, this is not the entrance of the Pousada itself, but once the main access to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  Pousada de Lisboa - 31       Pousada de Lisboa - 29       Pousada de Lisboa - 24
Therefore we entered through a glass door to our left that opened to receive us and where the reception is located.

The decoration is very imposing; I was hypnotized by the ceiling, a simple homage to the Country and the Portuguese Discoveries, through the astrolabes, ships, sailors and sea-cards.

Pousada de Lisboa - 13In the center of this adjacent room to reception, along with this ode to the Discoveries we have also a statue of Nuno Álvares Pereira, books about History and Portuguese Literature, two former wood litters, a bust of Amália Rodrigues and another of Luís Vaz de Camões and paintings of Nadir Afonso in the walls.

Pousada de Lisboa - 15And yeah, we haven’t left the reception yet!

Our check-in was promptly done and we were accompanied to our room, while the same employee that had received us, guided us in a travel through time, showing us the different art pieces along the building.

 Pousada de Lisboa - 1Bedrooms:
90 bedrooms distributed through four floors and divided into five types: the Classic, the Superior, the Deluxe, the Duplex and five suites, three standards, an intermediate, the Praça do Comércio and a Presidential Suite, Dom Perignon.

Pousada de Lisboa - 3The bedrooms may have a view to the Praça do Comércio, to Rua Áurea, to the Lisbon City Hall or the hill of Castelo de São Jorge.

We stayed in a Deluxe with an amazing view to Praça do Comércio with Tejo River in the horizon.

Pousada de Lisboa - 11mWell, it was love at first sight… the bedroom and I created an instant passion!

A marble bathtub opened to the room, six giant pillows, one of them practically of my size (that’s not quite that difficult, I know!) and a chaise longue in a corner with shutters that open to Praça do Comércio! And so I found happiness!

Pousada de Lisboa - 6m

Pousada de Lisboa - 10The unique view over the plaza and Tejo

If it weren’t for the lack of a welcoming detail, everything would’ve been perfect in this room.

Pousada de Lisboa - 38Restaurants:
Breakfast is served in an interior patio that similarly to the rest of the hotel is homage to our country, the floors in Portuguese pavement and two magnificent replicas of the São Vicente panels.

Pousada de Lisboa - 18This atrium is filled with natural light thanks to the glass ceiling that opens to illuminate it.

  Pousada de Lisboa - 20       Pousada de Lisboa - 19       Pousada de Lisboa - 17

Next to this place is the entrance to the hotel’s restaurant, the Lisboeta (also with an entrance from the exterior), with inspiration in Portuguese traditional gastronomy, in the hands of the young and promising chef Tiago Bonito. The restaurant has also a bar and terrace under the mythical stone arches of Terreiro do Paço.

Pousada de Lisboa - 26Lisboeta

Pousada de Lisboa - 35Services:
The hotel has an excellent space to “charge your batteries”, a small Spa that includes an interior pool (that unfortunately by the time of our visit had some kind of technical problem and the water was not in the best of temperatures), a sauna and a fitness center.

Pousada de Lisboa - 32With direct access from the pool area, by a small spiral staircase, we climb to the natural solarium; basically it is a small, but very pleasant, terrace around the skylight of the interior patio.

Pousada de Lisboa - 27Salão Nobre 

The hotel has also two meeting or event prepared rooms, for around 140/150 people, the Sala Terreiro do Paço and the imposing Salão Nobre. This last one presents a magnificent ceiling all worked with stucco ornaments, and gold leaf ornaments, the enormous candelabrum in its center has a glow that makes us imagine the most elegant and luxurious balls from old times.

Pousada de Lisboa - 23Service:
A very well prepared team, friendly above the average, with a careful and watchful service.

Despite being a recent space, it is noticeable a well-developed work in the background, with a seal of approval by the Pestana Group, which makes us feel important, without feeling too invaded.

  Pousada de Lisboa - 36       Pousada de Lisboa - 14       Pousada de Lisboa - 12Certainly the way forward will continue to be like this, towards serving their guests more and better in this hotel that pays homage to this “planted by the sea” country in every corner.

Pousada de Lisboa - 22It is possible to feel, in every space of the Hotel, the classic in the most perfect symbiosis with the contemporary, allying antique furniture pieces to the several art works.

The rehabilitation works tried to keep the original design of this historical building, and were successful for that matter, and proof of that is the true splendor present in each space and each detail that easily transports us to a building from the XVIII century. Wishing that all the Pousadas de Portugal know to keep the identity of their buildings like this one.

Pousada de Lisboa - 22mA Game of Thrones

A memorable stay, certainly to repeat!

Pousada de Lisboa
Pousada de Lisboa a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World – www.slh.com
Rooms from 189 euros
Praça do Comércio, 31-34 – Lisbon
(+351) 210 407 640

Versão Portuguesa

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

We stayed at Pousada de Lisboa by invitation from Pousadas de Portugal, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author. 

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