Relais La Costa

In the heart of Monteriggione, near to cities as perfect as Siena and San Gimignano, after a mysterious walk, we came across the Relais La Costa, isolated and hidden by a lovely forest.

Once in front of this history model, we feel immersed in thoughts and sensations, where everything around us seems to blend with the environment, where history seems to create sense in Nature and where we’re welcomed by a family and not just a simple team of employees.

Situated on top of the famous and important Via Francigena, a road traversed by pilgrims in the end of the AD 10th century from Paris to Rome, this place was a stopping point, some kind of inn used by the pilgrims to rest and replenish their energy, also for watering their horses. The amazing thing about this detail of history is that at La Costa we are able, not just to observe part of that road, but as well to glimpse part of that inn. Relais La Costa preserved the original wall, therefore keeping the memory of the old days and the history of the importance of this place.

By observing all this piece of history we are able to feel part of it, imagine that this present moment is invaded by the past and melt with it in a momentary but profound way.

This beautiful historical hotel is constituted by seven apartments perfectly equipped with all the comfort and technology needed, but also has a calm and relaxing environment for us to abstract from the tiring life to which we are used to. We can enjoy moments of relaxation at the pool and the Jacuzzi, situated on the roof and that overshadow us with the perfect view above Siena.

We can also get lost in a perfect and complete body and mind relaxation with all the quietness the Spa L’eremo del Benessere offers.

Its restaurant is not just a simple restaurant; it is something that takes us to a family and friendship environment, where we are received like we are family or old pals, here we find the most typical dishes of Tuscany, made by someone that reminds us of our grandmother and treats us like grandchildren and brings gastronomical memories of any Tuscan child to our imagination. From her hands we tasted classics such as Pappa al Pomodoro, Pici Caccio and Pepe, traditional Tuscan pasta with cheese sauce and pepper and an amazing boar stew. The menu changes on a daily basis and is prepared with great success and served with the calm and casualness that the environment requires. The bravest may as well join Angelica for a cooking class, or simply to help preparing dinner.

Above all, this place is ideal to bring the family during summer, and to take refuge with the loved one during winter.

It is a place where we feel at home and are welcomed as more than just costumers and, when the time comes to departure, we are filled with an intense wish to return and repeat the experience all over again.

Relais La Costa
Apartments from 200€
Strada di Riciano 32/34 – 53035 Monteriggioni
+39 0577 967085

*Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Relais La Costa.

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