San Gimignano

Located in the province of Siena, San Gimignano is a medieval city of Tuscany and it’s known for being the Town of Fine Towers, since more than 70 Towers formerly adorned the richness of this town. Nowadays, 14 of them still exist and are visible in the horizon; the tallest one is the Torre Grossa, with 54 meters of height.
However, the towers are not the only atraccion in town. One of the most representative buildings of San Gimignano is the Palazzo Pratellesi, which houses the municipal library. Some other interesting points are the remains of the San Francesco’s Church facade and the city Duomo (Collegiata), filled with frescoes. We can also visit a variety of museums, such as Museo Civico, the best in town; Museo Achelogico, Museo d’Arte Sacra and Museo della Tortura.
One perfect place is the Piazza della Cisterna, a square surrounded by towers placed around a stone well, which has been used as movie set a few times.
San Gimignano is a city full of history with a medieval character that has remained until today; here we can take a walk, glimpse immense historical moments that last and appreciate the excellent local white wine (vernaccia).

Walking around this city was a unique moment, making us feel part of a beautiful medieval story, us being the main characters. Looking at the towers, still intact, made us think of the greatness and richness of San Gimignano’s past.
Once again, in another lovely Tuscany city, we were able to dream and to perform eternal moments.

After this visit we went discovering Colle di Val d’Elsa, also a town with typical medieval features, which takes a short time to see and is located near to San Gimignano.

Its gigantic fortress gate invites us to enter and see this charming city, which became known as the Crystal City in the XIX century, coming to be responsible for 15% of worldwide crystals.

It is, apparently, a small town, surrounded by a fortress that sends us to a movie about the medieval era and where we enjoyed a magnificent gastronomical experience, at restaurant Arnolfo (**Michelin), of which we’ll speak later.

*Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses


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