Sightseeing Venice in a Gondola

Veneza - _39Well, many of you wonder if it is worth it to make this trip that as much of tourist as of romantic. Want my opinion? It is SO MUCH worth it, don’t miss it, and don’t deprive yourselves of that moment in your lives!

But there are a few things you must take into account in order for it to go the best way possible, and not regretting to follow my advice!

1. Don’t make the mistake of taking a Gondola in Saint Mark’s plaza, it is more expensive, because of tourist hunting and with less experienced gondoliers or less passionate ones, if you do so here it will cost you around 100€ to 120€, if you’re walking around town and catch it in a small canal, or a small alley, it will cost you around 80€.

2. Pick an older Gondolier, it doesn’t mean he’ll be the right one, but the chances of him being more experienced and bring all the tradition with him are higher.

3. The price for Gondola trip is set for a 40 min ride, not for person, which means that the Low Cost traveler should not give up the ride, once it’s possible to share it with other tourists or couples.

4. Haggle about the price, I know doing so with an Italian is never a good option, but if you do the price might get lower!

Veneza - _34

Besides being a romantic trip, a Gondola ride is an authentic history class. We were lucky enough to choose an amazing gondolier, a profession well entrenched in his family, coming from his grandfather, and he revealed to be an excellent tourist guide. And also a romantic and a good singer, because in a moment of perfect silence, after indicating we were arriving at the Bridge of Sighs, and telling that in order to give luck to our love we should kiss below the bridge, for our admiration, he started to sing “Besame Mucho”.

Well, I can only wish you an experience as perfect as ours!

Veneza - _45Now look for this gentleman, usually in a canal near Campo di San Moisé 

Veneza - _30

Veneza - _43        Veneza - _8        Veneza - _11
Veneza - _46        Veneza - _12        Veneza - _44

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Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses


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