Six Senses Douro Valley

sixsenses-82Surrounded by terraced vineyards, with Douro at its feet, arises Six Senses Douro Valley, one of the most idyllic and memorable hotels in Portugal.

Everything with the Six Senses brand is synonym of unpaired luxury and beauty, and along with the natural environment of Douro, we know this is paradise on Earth!

sixsenses-76Six Senses Douro Valley was born in a former “quinta” (farm) from the XIX century and once another hotel.

The road to get there has the Douro as companion and the beautiful Autumn tones of red, yellow and green.

We get more anxious as we see it from afar, involved in the vineyards and its lordly haughtiness touched by the Romantic architecture of the XIX century.

sixsenses-16First Impression
We arrived in an Autumn day, unfortunately quite rainy, but we were received in the most warm way possible.

We were accompanied from the moment we got out of the car and immediately forwarded to the reception. Instantly we had a ginger tea in our hands, and warm towels, which remind me of Asia so much.

sixsenses-18The decoration details are not left to chance

Welcomed with genuine smiles, enchanted by the contemporary decoration of the Lobby, so nicely combinated with the rustic and natural style given by the wood and stone that surround all the environment, we were then forwarded to our bedroom.

sixsenses-13The way to get there is through a panoramic elevator with a view over Douro and the vineyards that make the landscape so beautiful.



Have you imagined falling asleep every day with Douro as confidante? That’s the feeling you get when staying here at Six Senses.

The hotel has 50 bedrooms, of which 9 are Suites and 21 Villas – Villas Douro (with private pool) and Villas da Vinha (located in a more intimate area of the property).

We stayed in the Quinta River bedroom, that overwhelmed me with its huge window, floor to ceiling, letting in the Douro and vineyards immediately!

The bedroom follows the line of the hotel, a contemporary decoration matched with a natural/rustic and grey dominating the environment.

The entire bedroom is extremely functional, with high tech expediting all features, from the simple curtain closing to the light game.

sixsenses-11 sixsenses-12The bed is one of the most comfortable I ever experimented and the reading area in front of the window over the river made my delights in the evening!

We have available coffee and tea in the bedroom, and we had some delicious nuts waiting for us.

sixsenses-38The team in a theater style, in the open kitchen of the restaurant Vale Abraão

The different options have something in common, the celebration of the region, with a lot of the products coming directly from the organic garden at Six Senses.

sixsenses-53Vale do Abraão

Here the seasonality, the biologic, the organic and regional are privileged.
The main restaurant of the hotel is Vale Abraão, where the several meals of the day are served. It’s divided between two areas; one more intimate, with a huge fireplace and table iluminated by a majestic chandelier, translating into a beautiful contemporary art work; and a room more like an open space, also elegant and contemporary, with an open space where the chefs cook the most tasty and fresh products of the day, this space quickly forwarded us to our granny’s house, full of shelves full of pickles every color!

The cuisine has Ljubomir Stanisic’s signature, the famous Yugoslavian who fell in love with Portugal and has a successful restaurant in Lisbon, 100Maneiras.


sixsenses-49 sixsenses-47 sixsenses-51
Here we had a great breakfast and a fun dinner, full of fresh and seasonal products, in an Open Kitchen.

Nicely installed in the chef’s table we were able to accompany all the cooking of the tasted dishes and understand the way Ljubomir interpreted the Hotel’s philosophy, the use of biologic products, the connection of nature and the concern with health and well being. Highlight to the “veggie” dish with vegetables and Cuscus from Trás-os-Montes, the Pâté en Croûte and the Corns (polenta) and chlorophyll with maturated meat.



sixsenses-45An excellent tasting, diserving of a long and exclusive dissertation, but from where you can resume the quality of produce, a lot of them from their production, as well as the technical and creative ability of allowing each element of the dish to shine for itself.

When visiting the hotel try to book the chef’s Table!


sixsenses-32sixsenses-29Quinta Bar and Lounge

Another gastronomical option is Quinta Bar and Lounge, an authentic game room and bar that assures an afternoon or night well spent, with games reminding us of our childwood; and tappas and cocktails filling our bellies and spirit!

For the sunny days, which wasn’t our case, the Terrace is the right place. A beautiful patio with granite floors and tables, surrouding a beautiful fountain, here is possible to taste a great meal with the vineyards as background.


sixsenses-54Wine Library & Terrace

In the summer there’s also the Pool Bar & Restaurant, allowing the guests to have quick access to meals and drinks during the day, without leaving the Sun loungers!

sixsenses-23Last, but not least, I present you one of the most elegant spaces of Six Senses, the Wine Library & Terrace. For me, one of the highlights of the hotel and the ideal refuge, anytime of the day, giving you two of the best things in the world, Books and Wine!

Here we have lots of relaxing areas, an impressive decoration with contemporary details and unrivaled rusticity, with pieces I would take home in a second. The wine is present in each detail, and his beast friend is one of the many great books spread over the different shelves.
For the less knowing of the wine subject they showcase explanatory videos of the different castes.

sixsenses-37Wine tasting

Here we had the chance to participate in a joyful wine tasting, an almost daily activity that shows the guests different Portuguese wines. In this tasting, the sommeliers choose perfect wines to go with starters and appetizers.

sixsenses-36 Lighter wines, many times underestimated towards others. We tasted a sparkling Vértice 2013 rosé, the white Poças Reserva 2013, the red Quinta da Casa Amarela 2013 and the White Port from Quinta do Portal. Very distinguished wines, but very fulfilling of the features they are intended for, stating a nice moment of pleasure.

High score for the Sommelier who besides having a great level of wine English vocabulary (yes, the tasting was in English, being the majority of the guests foreigners!), spoke of wine in a quite accessible way, clear, with great knowledge.

Being located on top of Douro, it’s obvious that Six Senses offers an entire range of experiences around it; with different activities. Whether a beautiful cruise with PipaDouro (see), or an intersting class about Douro wines, or even a nice visit to the different historical quintas in the region, having the chance to be a oenologist for a day and be part of the harvests (if its time for those, obviously).

When traveling for business, the hotel has 5 meeting rooms.
Those wanting to go for walks, observe nature or simply relaxe in a sunny day, the hotel is on top of 8 hectares of land, with different spots, like the exterior pool with views to the river and the vineyards, or the Organic Garden, the Paddle tennis court, the suspension gardens, the picnic area, the waterfall, the Lilly lake, the secret tunnel, the tea house ruins, or simply walk along the majestic Douro river!

sixsenses-69So far, my passion for Six Senses Douro Valley is quite noticeable, and why not take that to an even higher level?!

The Spa is one of the best I ever had the pleasure to experience, the biggest in Portugal and more likely the best, once the signature of this group is not leaving anything to chance, and the spas made them famous!

sixsenses-68An unpaired experience, memorable, unique, luxurious, taking us off this world to somewhere divine!

The Spa has 10 treatment rooms and is a perfect combination of peace and pleasure.

Water, stone and wood are present in every detail, relaxing us from the moment we enter the spa area, the aroma completes the sensory experience through the products from The Organic Pharmacie.

There’s also a gym with different equipments and guidance of several qualified professionals, and also yoga clases in a room, entirely made of glass, in the middle of nature.

The well being area has a huge interior heated pool, with water jets, relaxing areas with comfortable beds and swings, and bath circuit that makes you new; herb bath (jasmin, lemongrass and chamomile), cold showers, Turkish bath, Laconic bath and to finish, the sauna, suspended in nature! The guests have always available ginger tea and detox water.

At the spa, there’s also a workshop area on how to use home products to make facial and body scrubs.

The area also has a store with some of the products and materials, if you want to bring a bit of the spa home with you, as well as totally recycled accessories and clothing.

Sincerely, one of the best, if not the best, I ever had in Portugal.
One of the things that pleases me the most is a geniune smile and feeling the team treats me well, not because they are obliged to, but because they like to treat me as their friend or family member. And that’s what I got at Six Senses Douro Valley, constantly accompanied, with a natural and sincere sympathy.

Really nothing is left to chance and our experience is transformed into something more than memorable.

They make us feel like gods, not by being servants, but for their dedication!

Six Senses Douro Valley is, for sure, one of the biggest highlights of luxury in Portugal.

Located in one of the most beautiful and idyllic places in the world, Douro, it is able to transport us to a true spiritual retreat, in which nature is queen.

Its philosophy is to create moments our minds can retain forever.
Besides, the concern about preserving the environment it’s inserted in, using regional products, awarding tradition, and creating a sustainable model that privileges the organic and recyclable, is to be praised.

All this has assured it, in a short time, several awards and articles in the most reputable magazines and newspapers. Besides being part of Small Luxury Hotels of The World, it was elected this year one of the best hotel/resort in the world to open in the last 12 months, by Condé Nast Traveler.

I can assure it was more than deserved!

sixsenses-81A special thanks to the dear Joana Van Zeller, who accompanied us and exalted our stay in this paradise even more!

See you soon Six Senses Douro Valley!!!

Hotel Six Senses Douro Valley
Bedrooms from 270€
Quinta de Vale Abraão– Samodães, Lamego
+351 254 660 600

Versão Portuguesa

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

We were at Six Senses Douro Valley by invitation of the Six Senses group, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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