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El Club Allard

Taking advantage of a transfer in Madrid, after a trip around Central Europe, we decided to explore (as usual) the gastronomical side of the city. Which included a reinforced breakfast at the San Miguel Market, where there was jamón, croquetas and pintxos, a digestive walk around town and a lunch at the restaurant El Club Allard. […]

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Tanti *

 In March of 2015 the Michelin Guide surprised everybody by giving a star to a restaurant open for little more than half a year, located outside the center of town and without the formality of the majority of the starred restaurants. Tanti is located in a residential neighborhood of Buda, outside the spotlight of tourism and […]

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Vienna reminds me of Paris, its greatness and imperial image, its luxuries and exclusive hotels, a certain unique glamour and of course, excellent restaurants, in a mix between Central European Haute Cuisine, French Cuisine and the new trends – ahh, the prices are much nicer in Vienna. Speaking of one of those exclusive hotels, particularly […]

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 As I said in some previous articles, the Czech cuisine doesn’t have a huge international fame. Whether for its traditional cooking techniques or the use of some heavier ingredients in the composition of its dishes. The combat against this paradigm has been the challenge of the new generations of Chefs and Restauranteurs in Prague. One […]

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  Čestr is the abbreviation for one of the most famous livestock breeds in the Country, the Czech Simmental. So, the restaurant could not have any other purpose than showing the best this breed and the autochthonous products the Czech Republic have to offer. The idea of the Ambiente Group was to create a steakhouse […]

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Casa Vasco

Casa Vasco was the last space opened by Porto’s Danny Meyer: Vasco Mourão; occupying the former corner of the Cafeína Fooding House. By giving his name to the space, Vasco surely wanted to create a different environment from his other restaurants, a house that could also be a tavern, a familiar one, where his friends (and clients, […]

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20 Years of Cafeína: Pedro Bastos and Esporão

 Vasco Mourão and his Cafeína don’t need introductions, it has been one of the great restaurants of success in Porto for 20 years now, being consensual among the usual guests, tourists and celebrities, or the most demanding oenophiles and gastronomes. And are precisely those 20 years that Cafeína proposes to celebrate in a unique way: […]

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São Gião

Talking about São Gião is invoking the religious side of gastronomy, Firstly heading to Moreira de Cónegos is like a pilgrimage (I confess I much prefer this type of sacrifice), Secondly the hands and the ingredients of Pedro Nunes are divine work. Arriving to the restaurant is not one of hardest tasks, a good GPS […]

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Before talking about food let’s talk a bit about people, namely of Kemal Demirasal, a 34 year old young man, from Izmir, a coastal region of Turkey, famous for being one of the most important champions of the Turkish Windsurf. And if sports and cuisine have nothing in common, the truth is that it was […]

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After a long series of travel articles, we broke the routine and came back to Porto and its restaurants, which will always be the great basis of this blog. With so many openings during the last year and so many things yet to know (even that some I rather not to), we chose to visit […]

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