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Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam… A city I always wanted to know. It always seduced me and spiked my curiosity, an irreverent, relaxed and eccentric city. Of course this much interest carries high expectations with it, and they were in all exceeded! Everything is pleasant in the Dutch capital, the canals, the bike rides, the boat-houses, the bohemian neighborhoods, […]

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In one of our trips to Paris we decided to catch a train at Gare du Nord and in 1h30m we arrived to Brussels, Belgium’s capital. Seen by many as a grey city (I tend to agree), where life revolves around the European institutions that are headquartered there, this city revealed some surprises with an […]

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  Florence is an Italian municipality, the capital and biggest city in the Tuscany region. It’s the cradle and the treasure of the Renaissance, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Several writers such as Dante, Petraca and Machiavelli constitute its literary heritage but, some names such as Leonardo Da Vinci,  Michelangelo […]

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