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Several years have passed since we last visited Istanbul, and in the meantime a lot changed in the city, and Neolokal was not an exception. Maksut Askar’s talent crossed borders, and a lot was written in the foreign press, he gained a spot in the 50Best Discovery, and he also made a pit stop in […]

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Yeni Lokanta

Turkish cuisine is much more than just kebab, meze or Lachmacun, as we could witness in our last trip to Istanbul, where the mix of ingredients, spices and textures rendered us speechless. A world of new flavours and almost limitless discoveries, paving the way for new restaurants to appear, as well as new chefs willing […]

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Wine on Tour #2 – Quinta do Vesúvio

 Quinta do Vesuvio 2009 at Tugra, restaurant of the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel After the #1 Wine on Tour in Paris, with the Graham’s 20 years Port, we went to Istanbul, this time with the wine from the famous Quinta do Vesúvio, nowadays in care of the Symington Family. The concept is simple, we challenge the sommeliers and […]

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Top 5 Things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a unique city, where the European culture and the Middle East intersect and merge creating a different society, with a strong personality and never-ending history. It is true that there is a lot to do in Istanbul but here we leave you 5 things we consider a must. (Read full article on Istanbul) 1st. Do a Cruise in […]

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Istanbul (Beyoglu – Modern Istanbul)

 Istiklâl Caddesi Continuing our wonderful and vibrant journey through the city of Istanbul, we now turn to the most modern part, north of the Golden Horn. Here we find the agitated Beyoglu neighborhood.                       Istiklâl Caddesi One of the biggest pedestrian avenues in the city is located in this neighborhood and walking through it […]

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Istanbul (Old city)

Blue Mosque I always had an immense curiosity about Istanbul, mainly because as capital of the Eastern Empire, or Byzantine Empire, it was one of the most important cities in the world, alongside Rome. As you already know I’m fascinated by History, therefore this kind of city always gets my interest. Besides, who doesn’t want […]

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Blacklane – Istanbul

 As I said before in the article about Paris, our blog and the BLACKLANE service became partners, a luxury transportation company founded in 2011, which nowadays is spread over more than 130 cities all over the world and that excels in the usability (simply using the App in a mobile device) and in the quality of the service. During our […]

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Galata Tower Maksut Aşkar is one the most celebrated chefs of the new Turkish generation. Inspired by the epic history of his region and in a wide range of traditional recipes and ingredients (many of them almost forgotten), he gives the Turkish cuisine new clothing and new life, more contemporary and actual. After closing his […]

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Grand Hyatt Istanbul

If a Hyatt in Istanbul makes us happy, imagine two Hyatt! Well, so it was our stay in Istanbul, completely left in the hands of the Hyatt Hotels group, this time, in a more experienced brother, more mature and old, the Grand Hyatt. This luxurious business hotel (mainly) is located in the beating heart of […]

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Before talking about food let’s talk a bit about people, namely of Kemal Demirasal, a 34 year old young man, from Izmir, a coastal region of Turkey, famous for being one of the most important champions of the Turkish Windsurf. And if sports and cuisine have nothing in common, the truth is that it was […]

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