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Welcome to the South – here’s the Amalfi Coast!

Sick traffic, a confusion, curves and more curves, and a huge amount of people characterise the Amalfi Coast! At first you might think this not a very positive view over one of the most wanted destinations of all times, and in the end, that’s what it is. And why? Because not even in paradise everything is […]

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Hotel Villa Franca

The Hotel Villa Franca is a refuge where the blue from the sky and the blue of the sea mix in perfect harmony. Driving there is not an easy task, not because it hasn’t a good location, on the contrary, the region is amazing, but because driving in the South of Italy is a true […]

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Piazza Della Republica Returning to paradise… I’m sorry, Tuscany! Those who know this Blog are aware of our love for Italy, more precisely for Tuscany, and by the time of our 2013 trip to this region somethings were left unseen, namely this town, eternalized by Frances Mayes, in “Under the Tuscan Sun”. It’s true this american […]

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IL Falconiere

Cíntia pretty much summed up everything about the wonderful hotel that served as our refuge in a short trip to Cortona in her last article (see). So now we’ll be talking about this classic Relais & Chateaux starred restaurant. When Silvia, born in a family of restauranteurs and a trained cook, decided alongside her husband Ricardo […]

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IL Falconiere

People say you shouldn’t go back to where you were happy… but I’m totally against that, I love to go back and be happy all over again, usually even more! And that’s what took us back to Italy, and Tuscany. This time to get to know Cortona, a beautiful Etruscan city and the charming Il […]

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This lovely city in the Veneto region, Italy, translated into a nice surprise, above the expectations. No, not for being the immortalized city in Romeo and Juliet, or in the movie Letters to Juliet, indeed if you’re looking for that you’ll probably be disappointed, but, for being a city full of history, art and culture, […]

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Piazza di Neptuno Bologna is the capital and biggest city of Emilia-Romagna’s region, located in the North of Italy. It’s a joyful University City and cosmopolitan, with centuries of history, art, amazing gastronomy, music and culture. Tagliatelle al ragù at La Montanara Bologna doesn’t always capture the interest of people, and even I confess, in the […]

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Sightseeing Venice in a Gondola

Well, many of you wonder if it is worth it to make this trip that as much of tourist as of romantic. Want my opinion? It is SO MUCH worth it, don’t miss it, and don’t deprive yourselves of that moment in your lives! But there are a few things you must take into account […]

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Top 10 – What to visit in Venice

Venice… Few places are as desired as this one, I think there’s not much people who don’t dream of going to Venice. It is one of the biggest symbols of romance, and one of those that look better on recollection photos. It is magical, romantic, unique, historical, monumental and breathtaking! I went to Venice during a […]

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Travelling through Cinque Terre

Manarola In the Northwest of Italy, in a long and narrow shoreline covered with mountains, rocks and colored houses, we find one of the world’s wonders – Cinque Terre! This region belongs to the oriental coast of Liguria, more precisely to Riviera di Levante. As the name indicates they’re five independent villages, Monterosso al Mare, […]

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