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Essential is the name and apparently concept of this small restaurant at 176 Rua da Rosa in Bairro Alto. With a minimalist decoration, or if we want to keep the buzzword, reduced to the essentials – where light woods and neutral tones give a Nordic touch to a space that promises to follow anything but […]

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A rush to find a good restaurant close to the hotel where we were staying and open at 3pm, luckily ended up at Ofício. An atypical “tasca” or tavern, as they like to characterize themselves, but which has nothing to do with a tasca, neither in the food nor in the atmosphere or service. In […]

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Memmo Príncipe Real

Today, allow me to introduce you to Memmo Príncipe Real, a haven of dreams and experiences, where history mixes with modernity and luxury dances to a cozy rhythm. In the heights of Lisbon, Memmo Príncipe Real rests hidden, modern, and majestic, gazing at the city with adoring love. His terrace, a belvedere of wonders, envelops […]

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Prado was the most awaited opening in Lisbon’s gastronomy scene for a while. Since opening, in the end of 2017, it has been a case of success, where from the most gastronomic conservative to the most cosmopolite traveler, everyone surrendered to António Galapito’s cuisine. I remember meeting Galapito between the kitchen and the grill at […]

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Lisbon – A Weekend Downtown

Travelling is what gives me the most pleasure in life, for sure (eating and drinking as well, of course), but that doesn’t always imply leaving Portugal. Our country is perfect (yes, I know I’m suspicious), it has a bit of everything, beach, river, mountain, countryside, history, gastronomy, nice people, safety and much, much more, the […]

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Pousada de Lisboa

The former headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs gave origin to the new Pousada de Portugal, a building with history, charm and luxury throughout its interior. The location couldn’t have been more idyllic, Terreiro do Paço. Tejo River rivaling with the plaza at the same time it creates an almost overwhelming passion synergy with it; […]

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A Cevicheria

After a small travel around the globe and an immense success with his O Talho, many wondered what Kiko Martins would show in a new project, maybe this time more serious and complex, a bit like José Avilliez when he opened Belcanto after the success of his Cantinho. But Kiko though differently and decided to […]

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PortoBay Liberdade

The PortoBay Group, the Portuguese hotel group with more international awards, decided to do the most perfect, yet uncommon of the combinations, ally the charm to the urban, therefore creating the PortoBay Liberdade in the famous Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon. Aiming for us to travel in time, Frederico Valsassina, the architect responsible for the project, […]

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Flying with Emirates – Dubai – Lisbon

Airport After the amazing flight in the A380 from Bangkok we arrived at Dubai’s Airport for a “simple” connection to our flight to Lisbon. I say simple but our passage through Dubai’s airport was much more than that. With a few hours between flights and with our luggage already dispatched to the final destination, going […]

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José Avillez

Some people dream, others create and other people do, and then there are geniuses who reunite all these features. José Avillez is one of those genius figures with all things necessary to success. He is a hard worker, communicator, humble, and above all he lives with great passion and intensity, because unlike Fernando Pessoa says, […]

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