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“Amar e Mar” (Love and Sea) is the motto giving the name to one of the restaurants in the renewed city of Leça da Palmeira, open since 2016 by young Matilde Silva, whom after a good experience at Nova Tendinha decided to embrace a bigger and bolder project. For that she challenged Pedro Silva, one […]

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20 Years of Cafeína: Pedro Bastos and Esporão

 Vasco Mourão and his Cafeína don’t need introductions, it has been one of the great restaurants of success in Porto for 20 years now, being consensual among the usual guests, tourists and celebrities, or the most demanding oenophiles and gastronomes. And are precisely those 20 years that Cafeína proposes to celebrate in a unique way: […]

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1858 bbgourmet

The bbgourmet group is one of the references of gastronomy in Porto, with innovative concepts allied to some irreverence, the group created a basis of success, much in particular with its bbgourmet Maiorca, which quickly spread to other parts of the city. Recently they opened a new space, the 1858 bbgourmet, also called creative bbgourmet, […]

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Cantina 32

Cantina 32 is a space that doesn’t need introduction, in just a bit more than a year it has already filled several lines in the most diverse national and international publications (including the NY Times), blogs and social networks. In between all that, it has also won the “amazing” title of Revelation Restaurant in the […]

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Cervejaria Brasão

Before talking about the restaurant, I must admit I cherish a particular respect for the work of Sérgio Cambas, the young entrepreneur that a few years ago took an ambiance restaurant, theoretically outmoded and located in an area nobody wanted to go to, and transformed it into Paparico, our Restaurant of the Year in 2014 […]

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After a long series of travel articles, we broke the routine and came back to Porto and its restaurants, which will always be the great basis of this blog. With so many openings during the last year and so many things yet to know (even that some I rather not to), we chose to visit […]

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O Gaveto

 For a celebration dinner we chose good seafood and one or another option, the choice went to O Gaveto. Opened by Manuel Pinheiro more than 30 years ago, O Gaveto is one of the symbols of the restaurant scene in Matosinhos, for the quality of the products and the mastery with which it imposed itself […]

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Oporto – PROVA Wine Food & Pleasure

Porto is living beautiful days in terms of renovation and opening of new spaces. A lot of them won’t have the quality to survive after their opening Boom, for sure, for one reason or another, but almost always because of the basis (a copy of another business – for example “tappas” that are snacks and […]

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Oporto – The British Factory House (Feitoria Inglesa)

The Feitoria Inglesa (British Factory House) may be one of the most well kept secrets in Porto. Built between 1785 and 1790, under the orders of Consul John Whitehead, it served the interests of the English community in city, strongly connected to the business of Port Wine. Since 1811, with the extinction of the Factories, it […]

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Getting out of the usual routes of restaurants in Porto, normally between downtown and Foz (river mouth), arises Paparico , breaking the rules and showing that is possible to have success where least expected. Located in Costa Cabral street, close to the church of Areosa, the restaurant stays in a small and antique building, that […]

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