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Vinum “IV Jornadas do Boi de Trás-os-Montes”

Another edition of Vinum’s gastronomical event, the restaurant of Graham’s Port Lodge operated in parternship between Symington and the Basque group Sagardi. An event that respects the best Basque tradition, consisting in the celebration and presentation of a unique meat, old ox meat (over 13 years old, and more than 1300 kg). If last year (see) the surprise […]

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Shiko – Tasca Japonesa

A year and a half since its opening, Shiko already turned many pages, among blogs, online magazines and newspapers, bringing the expression “Izakaya” (Tasca in Portuguese), to the vocabulary of Porto’s sushilovers. Ruy Leão, its mastermind, a know name in the city, after leaving Brazil, passing through Guimarães and joining the Chef Pedro Nunes to […]

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Adega São Nicolau

There are few places that don’t need introductions, but even inside those, there are some that still deserve them, like this veteran Adega São Nicolau. The history of Adega merges with the evolution of the Ribeira do Porto, where it’s located, with more than 80 years of life, an adega (winery) that transformed into a […]

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There’s no need for introductions to Vinum around here, it was chosen as “Revelation Restaurant” in the “Flavors & Senses – The Best for 2014” and since then it has been present between the nominees in our several categories. The combo of Graham’s (Symington) and the savoir faire of the Sagardi group has revealed to be a happy partnership, bringing to Porto […]

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Flavors & Senses – The best for 2016: The Ceremony

 For the 3rd time we delivered the Blog awards, on the past June 6th, in the impressive event room at the Real Companhia Velha, which responded positively to the bold proposal of joining us to another edition of “The best for…”. Allowing us to jump up our organization quality, increase the guest list, always with a party […]

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 I’ve been following the work of the young chef Arnaldo Azevedo for quite some time now (elected as Chef to Watch in the Flavors & Senses Awards – the Best for 2014), but for strange reasons, I just now went to visit his home, Palco, where he is the main character since it opened. Concerning […]

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Antiqvvm – “Cumplicidades Gastronómicas” Vitor Matos invites Eurico Castro

The Garden and the amazing view from Antiqvvm* Antiqvvm is one of the latest additions to the increasingly desirable fine dining restaurants list in Porto. After one of the most commented moves in the restaurant scene of 2015, Vítor Matos leaving Largo do Paço in Amarante (*Michelin) to the city of Porto, and the former Solar do Vinho […]

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O Antigo Carteiro

In a time when love letters have been substituted by emails and quick text messages (effective though), without the romance and symbolism of the “old” letters, nowadays the post office is just for bills, publicity and certificates, fortunately there are still some love stories passing through the post! One of them is the story of a […]

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Vinum “III Jornadas do Boi de Trás-os-Montes”

Another year, another edition of Vinum’s gastronomic “festival”, the restaurant of Graham’s Port Lodge, a partnership with the Basque group Sagardi that brings to its guests the Festival of Trás-os-Montes Ox. An event consisting on the celebration (forgive me the vegans and vegetarians, but I think celebration is the proper word) and the presentation of a […]

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Casa Inês

 The history of Casa Inês is recent, born in 2012 after a dissidence among the heirs of the mythical Casa Aleixo next to the Campanhã Train Station. If 50 years ago, the father, Ramiro, made the hake fillets famous (which he daily chose in Póvoa do Varzim) and the octopus fillets accompanied by octopus rice, it was […]

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