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Visiting Budapest in 3 Days – Day 1

 The Parliament seen from the Buda Castle  The last of three cities from a wonderful trip to Central Europe. So we met Budapest, in the evening of an Autumn day, with bright colors and mystical landscapes, constrasting with the cosmopolitan side of the city, and we soon fell in love. Budapest is exactly that, a place […]

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Visiting Vienna in 3 Days – Day 1

  Vienna… maybe one of the cities that always got my biggest interest, the Imperial city, the city of great composers, the city of elegance, luxury, imposing! Maybe I was so curious for having associated it with Paris for so long (see), but I quickly realized that Vienna has its own identity and beauty, and […]

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Visiting Prague in 3 Days – Day 2 & Day 3

2nd Day Jewish Quarter and Old Town As I previously said, we stayed in the area of the Jewish Quarter, so on our second day we chose to visit this region and also the area of the Old Town. Old-New Synagogue As to the Jewish Quarter, there’s not a known exact date for the arrival […]

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Visiting Prague in 3 Days – Day 1

 View to the Castle of Prague  Right in the center of Europe is located one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its gothic exuberance, its medieval identity and its architectural opulence rival to create the most mysterious of dreams inside our minds. It is passionate, addictive, like losing ourselves in a fairy tale; […]

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This lovely city in the Veneto region, Italy, translated into a nice surprise, above the expectations. No, not for being the immortalized city in Romeo and Juliet, or in the movie Letters to Juliet, indeed if you’re looking for that you’ll probably be disappointed, but, for being a city full of history, art and culture, […]

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Piazza di Neptuno Bologna is the capital and biggest city of Emilia-Romagna’s region, located in the North of Italy. It’s a joyful University City and cosmopolitan, with centuries of history, art, amazing gastronomy, music and culture. Tagliatelle al ragù at La Montanara Bologna doesn’t always capture the interest of people, and even I confess, in the […]

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Lisbon – A Weekend Downtown

Travelling is what gives me the most pleasure in life, for sure (eating and drinking as well, of course), but that doesn’t always imply leaving Portugal. Our country is perfect (yes, I know I’m suspicious), it has a bit of everything, beach, river, mountain, countryside, history, gastronomy, nice people, safety and much, much more, the […]

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A Day in Pinhão

Train Station of Pinhão During our stay at Vintage House Douro (see), we had the chance to visit (once again) Pinhão, located in the right margin of Douro, it is the center of the demarcated region of Port Wine. Pinhão is a small parish belonging to Alijó and its landscape is classified by UNESCO as […]

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Istanbul (Old city)

Blue Mosque I always had an immense curiosity about Istanbul, mainly because as capital of the Eastern Empire, or Byzantine Empire, it was one of the most important cities in the world, alongside Rome. As you already know I’m fascinated by History, therefore this kind of city always gets my interest. Besides, who doesn’t want […]

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