The Peninsula Bangkok

peninsula -37“An Urban Oasis on the River Of Kings”

This is the phrase the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok uses to describe itself… And I must say to you that I couldn’t give it a more precise description! A true paradise right on top of the river!

In the hospitality industry, the name Peninsula is a synonym of luxury and glamour, the group owns hotels in some of the most exciting cities of the world, with a unique combination of tradition and innovation that offers the clients a memorable stay, whether for business of for pleasure.

The Peninsula Hotels group has an illustrious heritage, being nowadays the oldest Asian Hotel chain, which started in Hong Kong in 1866.

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As to The Peninsula Bangkok, the Hotel opened its doors to the world in November 19th, 1998 at 09:09 am (9 is an important number in Thailand), and was planed to the detail with celebrations praising that which would be one of the best hotels in town.

Everything was meant to go right, with a prosperous future peeking from every corner, and so it was!
This was our first time in Thailand, without knowing anything about the people and their culture (besides what we read) and we started our experience in this luxury and refuge example that is The Peninsula. We were welcomed in a delicate, sweet and extremely educated way, which happily lasted for all the stay. I realized the grandiosity of the hotel right away, but nothing compared to what I still would find at this “urban oasis”.

peninsula -61m

peninsula -19
We went to see our room and I got completely hypnotized by the dazzling view. The hotel is located right in front of Chao Phraya River, and our room was located in the 29’ floor, so our views were the river and the skyscrapers of the city! A vision of a frantic city that never sleeps, amazing!

Speaking of bedrooms, The Peninsula has 370 of them, of 11 different types, from a “simple” deluxe room to a masterful Peninsula Suite, varying essentially in terms of size. All of them excel in luxury and are extremely spacious, resembling the hotel, and decorated in a classic style keeping the Thai traditional environment in the small details, assuring modern luxury with the tradition from the past.

peninsula -22             peninsula -6             peninsula -17
I love a hotel that privileges art, The Peninsula, for example, is home to one of the most distinct Asian contemporary art collections, with origin in eight countries from Southeast Asia, from the hands of 25 artists.

The Peninsula is able of being luxurious and imposing but never losing its identity, and that is due essentially to its team, which provides a sensation of well-being and a delicacy in every contact with any of the employees, since the highest post to the simpler. We felt accompanied since the first moment and the feeling is that nothing is left to chance, everything is thought to the detail in order for our experience to be the most grateful possible; with a unique preparation to accomplish and take care of every of our needs.

peninsula -15
In terms of restaurants, the hotel offers seven different options. Since the traditional Mei Jian and Thiptara restaurants, the first in charge of a Chinese chef, presents typical Cantonese food, the second one represents the best and most traditional the Thai cuisine has to offer.

Then we have the delicious River Cafe & Terrace, where we had the chance to have dinner, and which occupies the main space of the Hotel, with a Buffet concept we found dishes that travel from Europe and Asia.

peninsula -26The offer is wide and for every taste. From the amazing papaya (Thai) salad to a different but very tasty smoked Salmon with a peanut crust, we tasted a range of starters that were a meal by themselves. From the grilled list, prepared in the moment we couldn’t miss the tiger prawns, the tuna and the amazing Wagyu beef, all very well accompanied by the excellent cocktails in the menu.

The dessert selection is also wide, with options like French pastry and the more traditional Thai sweets, where the usual mango with sticky rice and coconut could not be missed. Concluding, it was a very well accomplished meal, in particular with the care put in the dishes and of course, everything is better when you have an amazing view over the river and its charms.

  peninsula -1       peninsula -2       peninsula -29

Besides these, we also have more relaxed places that we can enjoy along the day, whether while exploring the fantastic pool, where we have The Pool, with some snacks and different cocktails, or for when you simply feel like having something or rest a bit, we have The Lobby, The River Bar and The Bar.

peninsula -59Concerning breakfast, and similar to which we had experienced at dinner, the offer is very big, since the wonderful tropical fruits, to the more elegant pastry, excellent quality breads and of course, the usual eggs for every taste and the comforting Asian soups. What a great meal!

  peninsula -58       peninsula -24       peninsula -56

At The Peninsula Bangkok it is also possible to hold events, professional ones or leisure ones, from business meetings or congresses to imposing and luxurious gala balls and weddings, and for that the hotel has a beautiful room, the Sakuntala, able to host around 600 people. One of the advantages is that as guests we hardly realize the “madness” that happens at the ball rooms, like it happened during our stay, almost seems like we’re alone, but in a good way.

As you can see, this urban “Oasis” has everything, for everybody!

peninsula -52m

peninsula -45But now, in terms of our stay, for me one of the highlights is the pool. Immense, luxurious and right over the river. The entire surrounding environment takes us to a relaxation and resting climate. A space not to miss.

Besides, we can also enjoy a total insight moment at the beautiful and exclusive Spa, that is located next to the pool, and because going to Thailand and not enjoying the marvelous Thai massages is a very serious mistake. Similar to the entire hotel the Spa meets a sophisticated but traditional environment that elevates our senses culminating in an escape from reality and permanency in this place of immediate calm.

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To those who stay active during the vacations (not my case), there is also a tennis court and a highly equipped gym, with sauna and Turkish bath as extras.

bangkok -16mTo assure that we can also do different things on our vacation and experience new areas, the hotel has the Peninsula Academy, a series of activities that can go from a simple cooking class to a helicopter ride to visit the mountain areas and the Thai vineyards. These are activities for adults and for children and are prepared to detail in order for the guests to feel part of the cultural experiences of the country.

In our case, we had a tourist guided visit through the old part of Bangkok, where there is still nowadays a church of Portuguese origin and of course,  a nice trip in the river.

peninsula -18
Do you think I described it all? You’re wrong! The luxurious hotel has also to offer the service of a helicopter, a limo, and one of the most fascinating things to me, a boat service, boats with the typical Thai architecture and fascinating, which assure transport for different places along the river, working as link between the Hotel and the city.

And like one amazing thing never comes alone, when we stayed at the hotel it had prepared a special commemoration with music, celebrations and allusive decorations, referent to an extremely important date in Thailand, the Loy Krathong celebration (of which I’ll talk about later), in this case, at the waters of Chao Phraya River.

   peninsula -40m       peninsula -39          peninsula -34

I hope so, because The Peninsula Bangkok is probably one of the most efficient ways of experiencing the luxury and sophistication of the Asian Hospitality, allied to the tradition, to the past and the Thai spirit.

The highlight of our stay? The Service, for sure! Excellent, delicate, careful, watchful, and above all, affectionate, but during my stay in the country I realized that this quality in the Service is common at almost every place in Thailand!

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The Peninsula Bangkok
Rooms from 190€
333 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok

Flavors & Senses in Thailand with the support of  Emirates
Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses


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