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Artesian - 4 The Artesian Bar of the Hotel The Langham in London 

The Bars and Cocktails have been playing an important role in our latest trips, from Bangkok to Prague, and London was not the exception. The city is the home of some of the main bars in the world, and much in particular of the bar that’s been elected, four years in a row now, as the best in the world, the Artesian of the hotel The Langham.

The Langham doesn’t need introductions, in the eyes of the world for being the house where the famous and “very decent” Bradley Cooper sets his restaurant “Adam at The Langham” in search of the 3 Michelin stars! Fiction apart, the reason of our visit was the Artesian, gladly.

The bar was completely designed by the famous Londoner architect David Collins, with basis in the dreams and “delusions” of Alex Kratena and Simone Caporale, the Head Bartenders of the Artisian these past years. The bold decoration in violet and blue tones, and pieces that could be jewelry, serve as stage for a unique show.

Artesian - 9On their last menu (Kratena and Caporale left the Artisian in the end of 2015), the subject was the Surrealism, and that reflects on the glasses where the cocktails are served, some of them true art works, exclusively created for Alex Kratena, who always gave extreme importance to the glasses, considering them a way to communicate with the client and not only as a mere beverage container.

In the room, having in account we went in the evening, we breath the cosmopolitan spirit of the city, the luxury and a very particular hustle and bustle, between good music, elegant people and a unique service.

Artesian - 8 Chameleon Cristals #feelingamazing 

We started the cocktail rounds with the Chameleon Cristals, a surprise box, we must make a wish before opening it and an intense light and smoke, immediatly transporting to us other worlds, comes out. The beverage, with a basis on Tanqueray nº10, Pisco, lime, chili amd soy is impressive in its freshness and balance, creating an harmonious and flawless combo.

Accompanying, a less exuberant You’re So Gangsta, presented in an elegant flute, made with Vodka Grey Goose, Yuzu, litchi, ginseng and rose. A drink that transports us to the Orient, full of elegance and mastery.

Artesian - 10 You’re So Gangsta (#Feelinglikeaboss)

Accompanying the cocktails we couldn’t miss the snacks from the SNAX menu, a small list of appetizers created by Chef Chris King, with the consultancy of the famous Michel Roux Jr., to allow a light meal while the drinks shine. We tasted a great Shrimp with panko, coconut and avocado, some small cones with Tuna Tartar, tomato, basil and pine nuts, a fresh combination that went very well with this first round of drinks.

Artesian - 2Tuna Tartar, tomato, basil and pine nuts

Followed more cocktails and more impressive presentations, like the Anti Hero, a drink with stronger flavors than the first ones, made with Don Julio Reposado, muscat, blood orange and smoke. Brilliantlly presented in a species of Legos in the shape of an elephant. A drink to those who appreciate strong emotions.

Artesian - 5Anti Hero #Fellinglikearockstar

To finish the drinks, the Always print the Myth, another cocktail full of freshness thanks to the combination of Hendricks with cucumber, aquavit, sherry and cedar. A great, great ending.

Artesian - 6Always print the Myth #Feelingwitty 

To taste, a delicate Hummus with sumac (spice), a Charcuterie Mix and some small mushroom Arancinis. Good snacks, without a singular shine, nicely accompanying the stars of the night.

Artesian - 7

Also a note to the quality of the service, smiles on, full of knowledge, good advices after listening to the client’s taste and great efficiency in a full room. Worthy of envy from many Michelin restaurants in the city.

Concluding, visiting the Artesian is like waitting the unexpected, entering another dimension of fun, luxury and glamour. showing us the best London has to offer.

A unique world that deserves a visit!

From 2016 on, heading the Bar will be Phillip “Pip” Hansen, who’ll have the responsibility of keeping the Artesian on its winning track.

Artesian – The Langham London
Cocktails from £17
The Langham Hotel – 1c Portland Place, Regent Street – London

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 Text: João Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses and The Langham Hotel London

We were at the Artesian by invitation of the The Langham Hotel, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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