Bisma Eight

Ubud is the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali, where we feel part of the Balinese customes and traditions, lost in endless insights.

The Bisma Eight in Ubud represents all that.

A Luxury Boutique Hotel located in the natural heart of the region, which demonstrates quite well the artisan and spiritual heritage of the region.

The view over the Ubud forest 

Just a small 10 min walk from the main streets of Ubud, this oasis allowed us to elevate our senses to a true Nature haven.

Here, the modern decoration creates a perfect symbiosis with the Balinese tradition, natural beauty and serenity are honored.

First Impression
To arrive at the Hotel we went through a quite narrow and a bit sinuous road that kept us from antecipating what was expecting us, we passed through smiley faces, rice fields and their workers, children in bikes (surely underaged for that!), until we arrived to our destination, Bisma Eight.

A quite discreet entrance, but with a warm welcoming and true smiles!

The raw from the stone filling the walls is buffered by the luminous circles that seem to fall from the ceiling and together constitute the chandelier that welcomes us.

A small quirk in our reservation was readily sorted out by the nice staff and the check in was made without delays.
Forwarded to our room we could observe the almost Boho Chic style that dominates the hotel, never superimposing the spiritual charge it carries in a natural way. Right next to the reception, to our left there’s an altar to a hindu divinity imposing to welcome us while purifying our mind.

And that’s Bisma Eight, a mix of a modern atmosphere, casual and elegant with a spiritual haughtiness that makes us realize we’re in a sacred place.

The hotel is constituted by 38 suites, there are no bedrooms, just huge suites that combine a line of simplist decoration and Balinese art.

They’re of three types, The Garden Suites with view to the huge garden and access to the same, The Canopy Suites (where we stayed) with view to the beautiful terrace with the forest on the horizon, and the The Forest Suites with a breathtaking view to the forest and very close to the pool.

As entering the room we realized the mix in which the wood is queen, combining with the pure white of the sheets. Orange and yellow explosions give a vibrant ambiance to the bedroom. Huge, wide room with a balcony where the green from the garden is felt in full, a room surrounded by wood, with pillows of strong colors rivaling with the white from the sheets and a bathroom to die for! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

The Japanese bathtub completely overwhelmed me!

Restaurants/coffee shops/bars
There are three different options, equally perfect.
The Library Café brings two of the most pleasant sensations in life, literature and coffee! Enjoying a good coffee, reading a good book and relaxing for a few hours, that’s the moto of The Library Café.

Part of the lobby with The Library Café behind

The Pavilion, which on its turn invites us to spend a whole day with a fresh drink next the most heavenly place of the hotel, its infinity pool.

At The Pavillion is possible to eat right on top of the forest 

O ótimo Cooper Kitchen & Bar

Lastly, the Cooper Kitchen & Bar makes the gastronomical delights of the hotel, the entire day. Here we had the chance to taste an excellent breakfast (oh, that Sourdough bread!), with a surprising Happy Birthday for João, who had the right to wake up with a quite different celebration.


At dinner, a quite joyful environment and always sealed by the calm and serenity sensation that Bali (and Ubud in particular) transmit us. We tasted reinterpretations of typical ingredients of the region and their classical flavors with a very current clothing.

Highlight to the great rice of the region with clams and the short rib cooked at low temperature. Very good!

To finish dinner, nothing like a cocktail at the bar of Copper, at a terrace with a view over Nature that makes us forget the rest of the world.

The best of all? The Infinity Pool! What a heavenly image, the water of the pool makes a perfect match with the green of the surrounding forest. We spent hours and hours not wanting to leave this paradise. And the path we went to get to the pool is equally amazing, a garden with strong colours, a path almost guided by gods transporting us without delays, in the ground we observe offerings and incenses that highlight the perfection of this place.

The representation of the forest that takes us to the Hotel’s pool 

To those wanting to keep active there’s the Bisma Eight gym. And the almost daily Yoga classes on the hotel’s terrace assure the emotional and physical balance we so badly want to achieve in our daily life.

To those searching pure and natural gastronomy, there’s a restaurant (of the hotel) in the same street, The Gardens, with an authentic feast of bio and tasty products we can choose and challenge the chef to create special dishes just for us.

The organic plantations of Bisma Garden

The Bisma Eight also offers the option of creating a series of activities outside the hotel according to every guest’s personal taste. You just ask at the reception and the team will be glad to help.

A perfect destination for a honey moon!

The Balinese people is truly nice, no doubt, and the staff at Bisma Eight takes that sympathy to the extreme.

There’s an employee in each corner, always smiling, ready to make sus feel special.

João’s Birthday cake!

Each need is taken care of with the most efficiency possible and the good mood is constant.
If only the entire world was like this!

Bisma Eight is a perfect oasis that transported a brilliantly designed building to the middle of the forest, where the sounds of nature calm our minds and where peace fills our souls.

It’s much more than a hotel, its a place built by humans, blessed by Gods!

Bisma Eight
Bedrooms from 180€
68 JL. Bisma – Ubud –  Bali
+62 361 4792888 

Versão Portuguesa 

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

Flavors & Senses in Bali with the support of Samsonite.
We were at Bisma Eight by invitation, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author. 

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