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Din Tai Fung is well known for those who like gastronomy, famous for its xiao long bao and all the dim sum classics, handmade in each of their stores. Nowadays, this little Taiwanese restaurant, born in the ’70s, is one of the world’s biggest restaurant chains, present all around the globe, but always with the same focus from its beginning – good products, handmade food, freshly cooked, and a quick and caring service.

Taking my passion for Chinese food into account, and particularly for a good dim sum, I had to take this chance to visit one of its spaces during our stay in Dubai, more precisely the store at Dubai Mall. We visited during the Ramadan, so the affluence was made of tourists and foreigners, so we were quickly accompanied to our table.

Nothing to highlight the decoration, but that’s not why we’re there, although the view to the famous Dubai Mall fountain and to the Burj Khalifa are worthy of highlighting. That, and of course, the possibility to see the team hand preparing our dim sum.

The speed at which they prepare those small pieces of food is an attraction by itself
The speed at which they prepare those small pieces of food is an attraction by itself

Here there’s no pork, with respect to the locals, so the chicken and lamb take the spotlight in this adaptation of the Chinese cuisine classics.

Chicken and shrimp Shumai  
A nicely prepared classic, with juicy chicken, perfect dough and shrimp. A beautiful start!

Xiao long bao of chicken and crab 
These are the image of the house and we easily realize why! Delicate presentation, perfectly folded, and with a delicious filling, that when eaten by the xiao long bao rules, transforms into the ultimate comfort food.

Shrimp and chicken Jiaozi 
This traditional Chinese dish gave origin to the famous Japanese gyozas. I wish they could always be served like these, thin-crust, super crunchy, contrasting with the softness of the remaining dough and the juiciness and flavor of the filling. Perfect!

Wonton soup, of chicken and shrimp with noodles
Soup might not be the best dish when its 40ºC outside, but this perfect chicken broth, the texture of the noodles and the amazing wontons made it very worthwhile. Delicious!

Final Remarks
When Bing Yi-Yang and his wife decided to transform their oil store into a xiao long bao selling balcony, they were far from imagining the lengths the name of their little Taiwanese shop would travel. They’re everywhere these days, and even conquered the so desired Michelin star in Hong Kong, assuring that what they do, is really well made. In Dubai, the experience is quite unique, due to the pork substitution, usually more tasty and moist, by the chicken, but even so, the result is so positive we don’t even wish for a different filling.

Now I just have to anxiously wait to travel to a destination where there’s a Din Tai Fung around the corner for another comforting, tasty and pleasurable feast!

Prices from 25€ (without wine)
Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue Ground Floor nº203
+971 4 32 00 477

Photos: Flavors & Senses
Text: João Oliveira
Versão Português
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