Flavors & Senses – The Best for 2014: The Ceremony

For the first time we decided to hand over the Blog awards in a small and irreverent ceremony, on the past July 15th we gathered the best of Porto’s gastronomy on Padrão Street, at Casa Vasco, since the most traditional restaurant to the most developed and refined Signature restaurant. With sponsorship from Niepoort, we delivered a lovely bottle of 2010 Redoma Tinto, customized by the Martino & Jaña Atelier.

We started with a small cocktail, with an excellent ceviche prepared by Camilo Jaña and very nicely accompanied by the white wines of Niepoort (2012 Redoma Reserva and Niepoort Dry White Port) and also by Quinta do Crasto (Crasto Superior).

The presentation of the winners was made by Cíntia Oliveira (Flavors & Senses – Hotels and Travels) and by Pedro Guedes de Almeida (Quinta do Crasto), with Carvalho Ferreira (Niepoort) delivering the prizes.

The excellent Ceviche by Chef Camilo Jaña (Cafeína, Terra, Portarossa and Casa Vasco)

Pedro Guedes de Almeida and Cíntia Oliveira while presenting the winners

This year, for the first time, we distinguished categories like Revelation Restaurant (best restaurant opening in 2013), being crowned winner the Restaurante Vinium from Caves Graham’s in Vila Nova de Gaia. Chef to Watch, intending to award a young chef that despite already doing an excellent job in his kitchen still has a lot to offer in the future. The winner was the 29 year old Chef Arnaldo Azevedo that commands, nowadays, the kitchen of Restaurante Palco, at the Teatro Hotel, one of the most ambitious and creative spaces in town.

The team behind Vinium’s success, Revelation Restaurant

Arnaldo Azevedo, the young Chef from Restaurante Palco (Teatro Hotel), received the Chef to Watch award

Vasco Mourão, Entrepreneur of the Year

Vasco Mourão was the first entrepreneur to receive this award, with more than 20 years in the business his restaurants win the loyalty of clients day after day and his bets result in success after success. One of them is Portarossa, opened in 2013 in partnership with Gonçalo Correia dos Santos, with the kitchen in charge of Camilo Jaña, is now the most wanted and successful Italian inspired restaurant in town, therefore the award of Trendy restaurant wasn’t a surprise.

Vasco Mourão, Gonçalo Correia dos Santos and Chef Camilo Jaña, the team behind the successful Portarossa (Trendy Restaurant)

Between the various traditional restaurants in the city, the award traveled to Ribeira, a Tourist area, where Adega São Nicolau, for several years now, delights everyone who stops by, in a charismatic environment where the owner’s personality, António Coelho, rivals the food.

António Coelho, the charismatic owner of Adega S. Nicolau (Traditional Restaurant)

Pedro Lemos took home the Signature Restaurant Award

After a fleeting passage downtown, namely with the Mega-project Clérigos, Pedro Lemos returned to Foz, where he made himself an entrepreneur and created a name. With the return, came back his creative and of personal nature kitchen, taking the Signature Restaurant award to his namesake restaurant.

Carlos Bravo and his Casa de Pasto da Palmeira won the category of Wine & Tappas

Despite the boom of new snacking spaces in town, the title does not escape from Casa de Pasto da Palmeira, where the young Chef João Pupo Lameiras shows some creativity tears in a simple, fun and different cuisine.

Pedro Freitas, representative of Club del Gourmet from El Corte Inglés of Gaia receiving the title of Gourmet Store of the Year by the hands of Carvalho Ferreira

Among the gourmet stores, the voters chose the Club Del Gourmet from El Corte Inglés in Gaia as a confidence store, where some of the best products of the world, since preserved foods to wines are present.

Rui Paula Paula was the Chef of the Year, here represented by an element of his team

Rui Paula didn’t miss the prize of Chef of the Year, one of the most famous and ambitious chefs in town, who puts his heart and soul in every project. With restaurants in Portugal and Brazil, his kitchen rejuvenates in every menu, showing hard work in favor of the Portuguese flavors.

Sérgio Cambas took to O Paparico the Restaurant of the Year award

The Restaurant of the Year award went to O Paparico, another restaurant that invokes Lusitanian memories and flavors. Sérgio Cambas’ baby grew up from year to year, allying tradition with a modern touch. Also deserves highlight for having one of the best wine lists in town and, of course, an impeccable service. A space that delights not only the tourists but also the most fundamentalist and reticent Portuguese.

Once again, we can’t forget to thank Niepoort that supported this project from the start; Casa Vasco, for giving the space and to Chef Camilo Jaña for the cocktail and all the support in the organization; to Paulo Silva (Niepoort) and Hélder Sousa for all the help; to Quinta do Crasto and to Pedro Guedes de Almeida; to the photographers Tiago Lessa and Marta Amaral; and of course to the Martino & Jaña Atelier for all the image work.

More information:
Restaurant of the Year – O Paparico | Signature Restaurant – Pedro Lemos | Traditional Restaurant – Adega S. Nicolau | Trendy Restaurant – Portarossa | Revelation Restaurant – Vinum | Wine & Tappas – Casa de Pasto da Palmeira | Chef of the Year – Rui Paula |  Chef to Watch – Arnaldo Azevedo (Restaurante Palco – Teatro Hotel) | Entrepreneur of the Year – Vasco Mourão (Cafeína) |  Gourmet Store – Club Del Gourmet – El Corte Inglés | Niepoort | Quinta do Crasto | Atelier Martino & Jaña

See you in 2015!.

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