Flying with Emirates – Dubai – Lisbon

After the amazing flight in the A380 from Bangkok we arrived at Dubai’s Airport for a “simple” connection to our flight to Lisbon. I say simple but our passage through Dubai’s airport was much more than that. With a few hours between flights and with our luggage already dispatched to the final destination, going through security was pretty quick, without any kind of problem, followed by a small trip, yes a trip, because the airport is gigantic and has a subway line connecting the terminals.

Dubai’s Airport shows in first hand all the luxury expecting the travelers at the Emirate, from Rolex watches to the best fashion stores, such as Hermès or Chanel, to the enormous Dutty Free and the small gastronomic places where the highlight goes to the Moët et Chandon bar.

The Emirates Lounge
After our tour, we headed to the Emirates Lounge, there’s one for the First Class (which we hope to know soon) and one for the Executive. These also count with the Timeless Spa, where it is possible to enjoy a massage or a simple revitalizing shower. The Lounge occupies all the top floor of the terminal, allowing the passengers direct boarding to their planes without walking around the airport (simpler is impossible). The Design is sober and hospitable, with a few elements giving it a modern look. It has wider rooms or more guarded and prepared places for those in need of sleep during lead time. The connection to the world happens through the pages of newspapers and magazines from all around the world, computers and of course, an excellent Wi-Fi network.


In terms of food, and because it is always one of the most important things in a Lounge, nothing is left to chance, with our passage in Dubai during the night, all the space was prepared for serving a great breakfast, in the style of a good 5 stars hotel; excellent bread selection, good pastries, jams, fruits, cereals, juices, good cheeses or cold meats. Besides all that there are also warm dishes, from scrambled eggs, sausages, beans and some Arabic and Asian plates among the options. Thus, there were options for all tastes, always with the Halal seal. Concerning drinks and like it happened in Bangkok the list is wide, from spirit drinks, to Voss water, nice Champagne and wines from both old and new worlds. We were pretty satisfied!


As I said, we stayed close to our boarding gate, and after being informed of the beginning of the boarding we just had to go down in the elevator to get to the entrance of the plane, where the usual separation between categories and priorities made the entrance at the 777 very easy, once again in a fast and efficient way.

After the A380 (which Lisbon’s airport is not yet able to receive), the 777 looks like a younger brother and not so interesting. The armchairs don’t have quite the comfort and accessories of the new A380. However we were very nicely welcomed in Portuguese by the staff that quickly installed us in the best conditions possible and served the usual pre-flight champagne, this time the elegant Veuve Clicquot. At the 777 the places are a little less private and smaller, but still a nice armchair and the usual extras, without the excellent Bulgari hygiene kit.

                            emirates - 39       

Since our flight started at dawn in Dubai and extended till lunch time in Lisbon, two meals were served during the trip, breakfast and lunch. The first one was similar to the one we experienced at A380, with a nice selection of fruits and pastry and a wide range of natural juices to which joined a glass of champagne, why not. As to lunch the story is completely different and the level of difference between classes is even more noticeable. Before starting the service we are asked to choose the dishes between the varied range of starters, main courses and desserts and the drinks to accompany them. Already with the table well set (highlight to the construction quality that gives it an amazing stability and solidity), I chose a gin tonic to start the meal, to which followed a hot smoked salmon with lobster and sour cream accompanied by a Riesling of 2012 Dachsfilet of Prinz Von Hessen that revealed to be a great start.

The next choice was a loin steak, with gratin potatoes and mushrooms, interesting steak, which I never imagined that could arrive so well to the plane, and a least interesting potato gratin, dry and with little flavor. To go with a red from the Saint Julien’s region, Amiral de Beychevelle 2006, that worked beautifully with the meat. To finish, a pear Charlotte with strawberries and chocolate ganache, accompanied by an elegant Port wine from Quinta do Portal Colheita 2000. A simple ending, but well accomplished. In general, never forgetting that a plane will never be a restaurant, the meal went very well, with the right temperatures, nice plating and the best taste possible.


To finish, excellent Godiva chocolates and the large list of digestives.

The service was once again impeccable, since the simple Portuguese, to the sympathy and cordiality of the hostesses or to the attention given to every passenger and to every detail, which makes the trip much easier.

emirates - 40

The entertainment system is the same described before in the A380 flight, the ICE system. The big difference in the system between classes is the size of the screen and the control mechanism. In this older 777 without touchscreen it’s harder to control the various options using the controller, but the ICE is worth by itself, and in particular because of the big list of movies, full of news (some didn’t even premiered in Portugal). No doubt that nowadays any long haul airline cannot create a plane without giving a good thought to entertainment, because no matter the flight class, it gets much easier when we’re entertained.

After two flights in the Executive class of Emirates, of course the most recent A380 takes the lead, whether by its size, the lounge or simply for being more recent. But have in mind that the 777 has conditions to overcome most of the executive classes from the rival airline companies, everything works well and it is very comfortable. Concluding, it is impossible not becoming a fan of the service provided by Emirates to their passengers in the Executive class, since the attention in land, to the small details and of course the planes and the team that builds the brand’s image.

Whenever you can, spoil yourselves with this small luxury in a flight.


Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses


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