Hyatt Paris Madeleine

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This beautiful Boutique Hotel located between La Madeleine and St Augustin belongs to the group Hyatt Hotels, in the category of the most cozy and small ones.

Very well located at Boulevard Malesherbes, in the elegant shopping district of Paris, including the famous streets Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Rue Royale, and also very close to iconic places like the Garnier Opera, the Place de La Madeleine, the Place the La Concorde and the Louvre.

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First Impression:
An imposing entrance, with an elegant lobby sided by a ball room with a glass ceiling with the signature of Gustave Eiffel. This area, with more than one purpose, serves as a bar and as a restaurant, as waiting room and as a space for simple leisure or business meetings, an area that transmits the perfect connection between the luxurious and the cozy environments. Of a modern style, with some small Asian details brought and very well applied by the French decorator Pascal Desprez, in 2007 while the hotel was renovated.

hyattmadelaine -17the Chinoiserie

Associated with all this, a beautiful and enormous Christmas tree (as I said before, this trip happened during the Christmas season).

After a short wait, due to our reservation not being found in the system (weird things happen with technology sometimes), we were forwarded to our room, getting to know a bit of Paris’ history through the photographs that decorate the corridors of the Hotel.

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hyattmadelaine - 4 Our wide and amazing room (Hyatt Deluxe King)

The Hotel has 86 bedrooms, from the standard to the Presidential Suite, with a terrace worthy of a Hollywood production!

Our room reminded me of our stay at Park Hyatt Vêndome, an elegant room, modern, luxurious and cozy at the same time, the perfect combo, in my opinion.
Some of the rooms have one of the most wanted views of Paris, La Tour Eiffel.

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 hyattmadelaine - 10m

The Hyatt Paris Madeleine offers exclusive spaces, each one with its charm.

The Cafe M, with a view to Boulevard Malesherbes, also redecorated by Pascal Desprez, is an excellent option for breakfast and lunch.

Here we had the chance to enjoy a complete and exquisite breakfast, with excellent quality ingredients, from the artisanal bread to the best cheeses and natural juices, all you can ask for the first meal of the day.

hyattmadelaine - 9
Besides, Cafe M also serves as Wine Bar after 6 pm, an excellent space with an excellent wine service and an amazing evening in a very Parisian style.

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Another of the exclusive places at Hyatt Madeleine is the Chinoiserie, as I described before it has an imposing glass ceiling, this space is considered to be the central attraction of the hotel, and we can see exactly why.

Cozy environment, with luxury in every detail, some Asian notes and a fireplace that takes us to a magical romance (during winter, in order to get a table by the fireplace, you need to make a reservation).

At the Chinoiserie, in charge of the Chef Patrick Charvet, we can choose to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even an excellent Sunday brunch, or simply some appetizers and a wine or tea during the day.
We had the chance to taste some delicious tappas in the evening.

hyattmadelaine - 6Tappas in an amazing evening: baby octopus with tandoori, canned sardines, Spanish chorizo, culatello and ham with truffles 

hyattmadelaine -20Our room’s view over St Augustin Church 

Hyatt is very well situated, as I said, and so it allows its guests to move in a few minutes both to absorb all the cultural side of the city and to enjoy some shopping.

Inside the hotel, we can also stay busy, exercising the body at the Fitness Center, or relaxing the mind at the Deep Spa.
Hyatt is also a family hotel, so it offers the parents the possibility to enjoy and excellent brunch while the children have some pastry classes.

hyattmadelaine -19
The hotel offers all the usual services of an excellent five stars hotel and it has also an evident ecological sense. At the top of the hotel there are hives and they produce their own honey, as Albert Einstein would say “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, Man would only have four years left to live”. After tasting it I can only say that Paris and Hyatt create an excellent and well differentiated honey.

But not everything is leisure; the hotel also has four rooms, properly prepared for events, congresses and conferences, or simply business meetings.

As always, the Parisians do not let us down concerning the service.
Careful, watchful, polite, elegant and above all, ensuring the resolution of all the needs of their guests in few time.

It’s Paris, what more can I say?!

Hyatt Paris Madeleine
Rooms from 280€
24 Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris
+33 1 5527 1234

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses and Hyatt Paris Madeleine


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