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hyattregpuket - 18But who can go to Thailand and not go to its paradisiacal beaches? Nobody, right? And we’re not different! So, after Chiang Mai, we went to Phuket. And nothing better than an excellent hotel like Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort to assure the success of our stay.

This is the first resort of the Hyatt family to open in Phuket, and it’s on the good way, open for around a year now, still presents signs of evolution and constant construction, everything to assure the best to those who decide to spend their vacations in there.
The Hotel is located on the terraces of a steep hillside with a privileged view to the southern tip of the interesting Kamala Beach.

kamalapuket  - 9

kamalapuket  - 13             kamalapuket  - 2              kamalapuket  - 15 Kamala Beach

First impression:
I remember of arriving pretty tired to Hyatt Regency, after a four hour flight and a taxi ride to the hotel of almost an hour, so the only thing I wished for was finding paradise and get some rest! And so it was!
The lobby is phenomenal, with direct view to an artificial lake, the monumental Infinity Pool and the beach; what more could you wish for?!

hyattregpuket - 19Without long delays, we were very nicely received with a refreshing welcome cocktail and in a very personalized way in the immense couches in front of the artificial lake, after that we were oriented to our room.
To get there we were transported in the typical golf cars, once, and as I referred, the hotel is organized in a very beautiful slope.

hyattregpuket - 41mRooms:
The resort is constituted by 199 rooms of four different types, but basically they all have a beautiful view to the Andaman Sea.

Our room had a wonderful balcony with an authentic vision of paradise! Although swimming is not recommended at the beach in front of the hotel, this still seemed to be a perfect view of the horizon.

hyattregpuket - 1             hyattregpuket - 7             hyattregpuket - 2The huge room, of modern/ contemporary style completely matched my taste (and that of anyone, I think)! A bathtub with a size above the average was in perfect communion with the bedroom and made wonders for our relaxation.

hyattregpuket - 27Sunset Grill

We had three places to enjoy the traditional Thai gastronomy or some different and more occidental options.
We had the chance to have breakfast at The Pool House Restaurant, with a variety that goes from the most typical Thai dish to a selection of Italian dishes, normal when the Hotel Chef is Italian!

Here we can enjoy these delicacies by the pool side, while observing the sea in all its glory.

hyattregpuket - 11The Pool House Restaurant

This space serves not only breakfast, but also the other daily meals, which allowed us to rest at the pool without getting away to eat.
At the Pool Bar we had the chance to enjoy some creative tappas at the day of our arrival, much to the Spanish style; it was served a selection of different tappas very well prepared and also wonderful sangria! I completely surrendered to the hotel in that moment! We spend the end of the day and beginning of the night there, in some kind of tappas happy hour (that was the week of tappas, and every other day combo has its specific event), well accompanied by the view over the horizon and under a roof of stars.

hyattregpuket - 5             hyattregpuket - 4             hyattregpuket - 6During the day, in this pool bar is possible to appreciate different cocktails, wines and very fresh natural juices, similar to any resort where the heat is felt. Highlight to the good musical selection.

hyattregpuket - 25To finish, the Sunset Grill is the main restaurant and its name says it all, go have some dinner preferably by the end of the afternoon, like 5pm, 6pm (the sun sets early) and enjoy one of the most incredible sunsets ever.
In this restaurant, headed by the Italian Chef Alessandro Martinelli, the specialty is the grill, like the name says, presenting a bit of everything to every taste, since a nice meat selection, fresh fish, caught on the day by local fisherman, to vegetables from the local markets that can be prepared right in front of us, at the “open-air grill”.

We started our dinner with some delicious oysters (imported from France) and an excellent soft shell crab breaded with panko. Followed a perfectly grilled fish (which name I can’t dare to pronounce) and a great entrecote very well accompanied with asparagus and a delicate and very well prepared potato purée. In terms of dessert, clear highlight to the amazing fruit ice creams made there, with the mango and coconut ones deserving a standing ovation.

hyattregpuket - 32             hyattregpuket - 34              hyattregpuket - 35Services:
The hotel presents two types of activities for our stay, the inside of the hotel activities and the outside ones.
Therefore, inside the hotel we have several options to enjoy during the day, from the amazing Infinity Pool, to the Nahm Spa that delights those who search for the most pure relaxation through the massage. Besides the main pool, the Hotel has another one, the Regency Club Pool, which access is available to the guests of the club category, this pool is located on top of the hotel (or the hill), with an astonishing view.

hyattregpuket - 13To the usual exercise addicts (where unfortunately I can’t include myself) the hotel also presents some options, like the Fitness Center, open 24 hours a day, with the most varied equipment, and Muay Thai lessons to the entire family.

To those who wish to learn or increase their knowledge about Thai gastronomy, there are traditional Thai cuisine classes, and to the little ones there are classes to learn how to make pizza!

hyattregpuket - 15Speaking of children, the parents can take some time to rest alone, because at Hyatt Regency there’s a pretty creative program for the little ones, the Camp Hyatt, which allows creating a combination of activities to occupy the kids almost all day long.

But, like I said before, there are also activities outside the Hotel, carefully organized by the hotel, from visits to the center of the city, to Patong Beach, for some shopping, visiting temples; the city, mostly known for its beaches, has several and important marks of the religious culture of the country. Also visits to the close islands, like the famous Phi Phi, visits to see the amazing nature, for example the Phuket Waterfalls, among many other experiences. Just choose and enjoy the pleasures of the incredible city.

hyattregpuket - 8Service:
You can feel the hotel is recent, at least because of the improving works in some places, and some noise, which in our case did not disturb our stay at all. It is a hotel that certainly will evolve much, given its immense potential, but in terms of our stay, everything was carefully thought and nothing left to chance. Everything we asked for was quickly answered, and like always, the quality of the Thai service is to praise, where any small technical flaw is more than surpassed by the kindness and genuine sympathy.

hyattregpuket - 23mA luxury situated in the hillside that overlooks the beautiful Andaman Sea, observing the horizon and creating an unforgettable moment to perpetuate our well-being.

Hyatt Regency Phuket is an excellent option for every taste, a honeymoon, a rest refuge, a vacation with friends or simply a family vacation.

Hyatt Regency Phuket
Rooms from 110€
16/12 Moo 6, Tambon Kamala, Amphur Kathu, Phuket – Thailand
+66 76 231 234

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

Flavors & Senses in Thailand with the support of Emirates.

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