J.K. Place

Suspended in the heart of Florence, J.K. Place is a luxurious and exquisite hotel. Situated in the beautiful plaza of Santa Maria Novella, that steals the name of one of the most famed churches in the city, it is loved by those who have the privilege to stay there.

Whoever appreciates its beautiful but modest exterior facade can’t imagine what lies on the inside. I can only describe it as pure and genuine elegance, synthesized with centuries of art!

JK Place is kind of a family house and not much a hotel, with harmonious fireplaces, neoclassical furniture, lamps from the 50’s and the 60’s, with antiques and collectable values that remind us the family treasures that accumulate over generations. Basically everything that remind us that we are in an artistic city, the cradle of Renaissance.

As soon we arrive we are very well received by an employee that takes us to the reception and we are amazed to realize that the reception is actually a library! There is no front desk, no distance between us and the receptionist. Instead there’s a table full of books, as well as the surrounding walls, and lots of charm!

This boutique hotel is constituted by just 20 rooms, which praises the sensation that we are in a space of our own, intimate and with all the attentions directed to us. The rooms keep the same architectural aspect of the hotel, a modern concept with neoclassical pieces and details, associated to all the comfort and sophistication needed.

Discovering all the paths of the J.K. Place is like walking through an art exhibition in a small museum, Louis XV and Charles X fireplaces, XVIII century prints in frames of gold leaf, XIX century statues, Art Deco furniture and XVIII century sculptures or Chinese furniture, among other treasures.

Besides all this beauty mix, the hotel reaches its peak with two corners, the flawless balcony and the amazing terrace!

The first one allows us to appreciate a drink, comfortably seated in a space sublimely hidden, with one of the most ethereal views ever, the dome of the Florence Duomo.

The second one, starts like some kind of multifaceted club, which includes not only the terrace but also the restaurant and the pub, attracting a whole range of people of the Florentine society, from entrepreneurs to locals, elegantly dressed! This space allows us to also appreciate a good wine, a tea or simply a coffee, delight ourselves with a nice snack or enjoy a meal of traditional inspiration, with a contemporary touch, while observing the glamour life that one of the most beautiful plazas Florence offers.

The J.K. Place is a space of elegance and intimacy that combines an atmosphere of the past as the same time that offers an excellent service in all the particularities.

Without a doubt one of the most charming hotels in Florence!

J.K. Place
Rooms from 330€
Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 7 – Florença

Photos: Flavors & Senses / J.K. Place.

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