O Pescador

Inserted in the Sheraton Algarve & Pine Cliffs Resort, Pescador is the main restaurant inside the 11 spaces of the resort, with a privileged view over the pool and the hotel’s gardens, the cuisine is of Portuguese influence and as the name says (Pescador = Fisherman)  it respects the best that the ocean brings to our seaside. The decoration is classic and the white dominates the room, the traditional colorful tiles work as distinctive elements, the tables are wide and well positioned, giving privacy to all the clients. The kitchen is controlled by Osvalde Silva since 2013, the Luso-German Chef that built almost his entire career between the best hotels in the south of the country and the Hotel School of Faro; all the spaces of the resort are under his guidance, with different cuisines and orientations, so it certainly is not an easy job.

Going on to our experience, after being perfectly installed at the table, we started with an assorted bread selection and some mouth entertainers, as prawn salad with cela peppers and parsley or, small mozzarella balls with dried tomato and olives, this last ones with an harder texture than the expected.

À Bulhão Pato” Clams
There are few better ways to start a meal than with the small but delicious clams from Ria Formosa, perfectly prepared in the most simple and traditional way possible. I could eat these every day.

Giant Red Shrimp
If the clams were an unbeatable beginning, what to say about these red giants that beat any lobster that wanders among us. Delicious shrimps, cooked on spot, slightly spicy sauce without overlapping the subtle delights of the shellfish.

P.S. –when eating giant shrimps don’t put aside the head, it breaks my heart.

Shellfish Rice
The most accurate definition would be rice of shellfish, a well presented dish with the finalization and plating being done at the room, while activating the taste buds. Once again the quality of the shellfish and the fish (monkfish) was perfect, cooked in the right time and right seasoning, without the exaggerations that sometimes happens.  Very good.

Grilled white grouper, steamed vegetables and  roasted potatoes
To finish the main courses, a slab of the famous political fish, very well prepared and showing why it one of the most appreciated fish of the Portuguese (even that most times they get bass as white grouper, but those are other adventures). Delicate and moist fish, well accompanied with the vegetables still a little hard, giving a nice texture to the dish.

Carob pie, lemon cream and tangerine sorbet
To finish this meal so far of a great level, here come the ill-fated desserts that almost everywhere are a few points below the starters and the main courses. This pie, with the carob so typical from Algarve, worked well with the lemon and the sorbet with an acidity that allowed playing with the sweetness of the remaining elements. The weakest link is the pasty texture in all the dish.

Tatin Tart
If in the starters and the main courses we had very well represented classics, here, the tatin was completely reinvented, and the only similar thing with the original is the apple being on top of the pastry. It missed a nicely caramelized apple, and the good sauce it would provide. A lot of unnecessary elements.

The wine list is not big but presents some of the best national references, even though the prices are not the most inviting, like in most of the hotel restaurants. We accompanied our meal with a José Maria da Fonseca, Quinta de Camarate, White dry from 2013, a wine from Setúbal, with nice acidity and structure that went well with all the dishes.

The Service was pretty effective, present without being invasive and with pure sympathy, showing all the Savoir faire.

Final Remarks
In general, this Pescador lives the classic atmosphere of a hotel restaurant, but with a cuisine based in tradition and produce quality. Osvalde Silva commands a restaurant where the dishes that people who visit Algarve want to eat are treated the best way possible, with comfort and relaxation of a vacation near the ocean, and with good fish and shellfish cooked rightfully. It has some aspects to improve, being the desserts the main one, but it is certainly one of the best spaces in the area, with authentic cuisine and a good service. Required visit for those who pass through the resort and worth a visit to those who go to the Falésia beach.

Sheraton Algarve & Pine Cliffs Resort
Praia da Falesia, Albufeira
+351 2895 00100

The described meal was held at the invitation of Sheraton Algarve & Pine Cliffs Resort, being the expressed opinion and text of the exclusive responsibility of the author..

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