Oasis Baan Saen Doi Spa Resort

oasis - 10More to the north of Thailand and after the frantic city of Bangkok we arrived to a little refuge in the city of Chiang Mai, the Oasis Baan Saen Doi Spa Resort, the name already transmits a certain relaxation!

This Boutique Hotel-Spa was created in the course of the development of the Oasis Company, which after nine years of successfully managing Spas all over Thailand, chose Chiang Mai for its first resort.

oasis - 12
It is located near to the important attractions of town, like the Doi Sutep Mountain or the Chiang Mai Night Safari. However it stays a bit far away from the center of the city, thus assuring the perfect and peaceful refuge.

oasis - 8First Impression
The resort is constituted by a series of buildings in a small urbanization, which could not be that great, but as soon as we arrived we found ourselves, still on the outside, before a beautiful space, relaxing, calm, and appealing to the fifth senses. The building looks like an authentic spa in the middle of paradise.

oasis - 11             oasis - 9             oasis - 7We entered and the interior was even more appealing, promoting the escape of our senses towards relaxation. The client reception is made in a very personalized and targeted way, in order to make us feel completely distant from the everyday life that is so tiring and disturbing.

The architecture and decoration is of Lana style, with resource to lots of wood and beautiful ornamentation pieces, more traditional would be impossible, and all this makes us feel like locals instead of tourists.

oasis - 19Bedrooms:
The hotel has 11 bedrooms, of seven different types, three of them with a private pool area, and in all of them the Thai art and craft work is well present, keeping the tradition allied to an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

oasis - 23             oasis - 22             oasis - 20
Each room has a nice balcony and the bathroom (you already know my fixation for this division) is wonderful! Similar to the rest of the hotel the decoration is also traditional Lana style.

Restaurants/ Coffees:
Concerning restaurants, Oasis offers traditional northern Thai food in the Saenkham Terrace restaurant. It presents an enormous diversity of produce, many of them picked in the region, like the organic rice growing in the fields precisely on the back of the restaurant.
On one side we can enjoy the amazing view over the Doi Kham and Doi Suthep mountains and, on the other side, appreciate the immense rice fields, all of this while delighting ourselves with a great meal.

oasis - 2mOn the exterior of  Oasis Café

In a totally distinct strand and much more to the cosmopolitan and urban style, Oasis presents, outside the Resort complex, the Oasis Café, a nice space, full of locals, with a relaxed and joyful environment, but maintaining the traditional decoration which transports us to the past.

oasis - 1
Here we can find giant portions of delicious cakes, super fresh smoothies, sandwiches and traditional Thai dishes.

oasis - 4Services:
Being a Boutique Hotel Spa, obviously its highlight is the Spa.
Here we can live and enjoy the most exclusive and traditional massages in Thailand. The treatments are created and thought with resource to the best from the old traditional Thai medicine and to the millenary oriental secrets, associated with the most advanced discoveries in the beauty and well-being area.

The environment and the decoration create a magical place able to elevate our senses.

oasis - 5As to the massage itself I had a wonderful experience, another one to join my perfect memories from Thailand.

Besides the Spa, Oasis has also a tennis court, a pool with a view to the hilly landscape and the rice fields, and a complete program of wellness, with yoga, tai chi and a body detox program. Everything so we can free our bodies and minds from the daily preoccupations.

But not everything is about leisure; Oasis has also a room for business meetings, conferences or lectures. In my behalf, I wouldn’t mind having my reunions or works scheduled around here.

oasis - 15Service:
I know I’m becoming repetitive, but effectively the Thai people have the gift of welcoming and here was no exception. A watchful staff, polite and caring that makes us feel like the most important people in the world.

oasis - 14If you visit Chiang Mai (it is a mandatory stop when you have Thailand as destination) and wish for a place of peace, calm, relaxation and traditional Thai beauty, don’t look any further, because you already found it – the Oasis Spa Resort.

Oasis Baan Saen Doi Spa Resort
Rooms from 90€
199/135 Moo 3, Baan Nai Fun 2, Mae Hia, Muang – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photos: Flavors & Senses

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Flavors & Senses in Thailand with the support of  Emirates.

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