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Porto is living beautiful days in terms of renovation and opening of new spaces. A lot of them won’t have the quality to survive after their opening Boom, for sure, for one reason or another, but almost always because of the basis (a copy of another business – for example “tappas” that are snacks and other establishments). And then, there are others, simple, well thought and above all, different, and in this group is inserted PROVA Wine Food & Pleasure, a Wine bar that promises to be the competition that Gin needs.

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Open since March, between the gastronomical São Domingos Square and the restless Hard Club at Ferreira Borges Street, PROVA follows the passion of Diogo Amado, the young owner that dreams and lives wine. The space wants to show wines, more or less known, from every region of the country, with a wide offer whether in bottle or cup and with correct prices (so hard to find these days). The choices of Diogo are not obvious and not always easy to sell, so his will to invite the clients to try something new, break prejudices, and get to know the reality of our wines is an asset.


Helping the wines and because they’re more inseparable than Romeo and Juliet, is food, for now they serve cheese tables, Iberian prosciutto and toasts, but judging by the kitchen space visible from the room, and some wine dinners already made, the most probable thing is they end up with a deeper work in terms of food.


The space is relaxed, with a simple decoration, marked of course by wine bottles, nice ambient music, creating a perfect environment for a moment of relaxation between friends who share the passion for wine and for others to find it, who knows.

If you fall in love with any of the wines in the list, you can opt to take some bottles home with you, at a more tempting price than at the bar.

And here’s a toast to good ideas and to success! Because the secret is in the simpler things.

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PROVA Wine Food & Pleasure
Rua Ferreira Borges, 86 – Porto, Portugal
00351 917 943 056.

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