Peppers Seminyak

Pepperssem - 24Located in Seminyak, near the famous area of Kuta, and with some of the most wanted beaches, bars and restaurants in Bali, there’s a true refuge, Peppers Seminyak.

Hidden between exuberant gardens that contrast with a complete serenity, Peppers (Australian hospitality group) is an authentic world, combining luxury and relaxation.

The region of Seminyak didn’t steal my heart (for reasons I’ll explain in another post), but this hotel was able to!

Pepperssem - 3First Impression
Peppers Seminyak is just a few kilometers away from Denpasar’s Airport, and to get there we pass through the famous and agitated (agitated being an euphemism!) streets of Seminyak, the caffes, the restaurants, bars, stores, the tourists… until we finally arrive to paradise!

Pepperssem - 23It’s like entering another world… A breath of fresh air, peace and quiet in the middle of the bustle!

The Lobby is outdoors, because living in Summer the entire year has its perks, and we are welcomed with smiles and gaiety. This place was full of Australians (as usual in Bali) that also made their check-ins, and like us, appreciated the relaxing area of the pool right in front of the reception.

Pepperssem - 11
We waited in a comfortable couch, while our room was being prepared (better put, our home!) and we were served a delicious 5 o’clock tea, we delighted ourselves with the snacks, the sweets and an iced tea while controlling our desire to go in the pool, besides it being almost empty – we understood why when we arrived to our room!

We were approached by a super nice guy from the staff of the hotel that told us if we needed help to program our activities in the region we could count on him. He confessed to be Dutch and that he fell in love with Bali (I really thought he had a bit of a Nordic look!).

Pepperssem - 16Bedrooms
The luxurious Villas easily become the ex-libris of Peppers Seminyak. They’re of 5 types, depending on the amount of bedrooms they have.

And all of them have a pool! We stayed in a Two Bedroom Pool Villa, and the feeling I got was that I was in a house, not a hotel!

Pepperssem - 5To get to our Villa we went through an authentic tropical garden, full of color and harmony. The spiritual side is also present in the hotel’s corners, both in the offerings spread along it and the small temples harmonizing the environment even more.

Pepperssem - 9The offerings that in Bali we find a bit everywhere 

When entering our private villa I immediately wanted to stay there forever, and take with me all my friends that I love! I imagined nice afternoons in the sun, cocktails with the pool as our confident!

Pepperssem - 17
As soon as we enter we see the sunbeds and the pool. To the right is the kitchen and to the left the living room, both outdoors, mixing with the calm area of the pool. The neutrals of the room combined perfectly with the contemporay style of the kitchen. On the table, a bowl full of tropical fruits filled the ambiance of color!

Pepperssem - 15
I started looking for the bedroom, there were two doors, therefore two bedrooms, ours was the left one.

Pepperssem - 19
A huge bedroom, high ceiling above the bed, which revealed to be extremely comfortable, an equaly spacious closet, a bathroom to die for, a first area had the bathtub that delighted me in my usual relaxation ritual before going to bed, and a second area with two showers, one inside and another outside, more unsual, with a bambu cane as the faucet!

Pepperssem - 2Restaurants
The Laneway is the only restaurant at Peppers Seminyak, shaping up along the day to serve all the meals.

A fantastic breakfast at the Laneway

With a cuisine that mixes traditional dishes with contemporay flavors, it has already been mentionted, several times, as one of the restaurants not to miss in  Seminyak.

It stays right in front of the pool of the hotel and very close to the Lobby. Here we had the chance to have a great afternoon tea, a breakfast à la carte very, very good, and of course a dinner that revealed very nice (in which João was once again surprised with a joyful Happy Birthday and a delicious chocolate cake), one of the dishes managed to surprise us a lot – Duck red curry – conquering us with its flavor, texture and technique.

Pepperssem - 12

  Pepperssem - 14       Pepperssem - 13      

During the day, with its Pool Bar, it also delights those who get away from their villas (those who are able to) and prefer to relax by the pool, the high moment of the day is at 4pm, with Mojito Club Cocktails!

Pepperssem - 1Services
Peppers Seminyak is very well located to those who like fun, right in the middle of the bustle, close to famous spots like Ku De Ta, or the desired surf beaches.

For those, who like us, prefer a bit calmer environment (we’re getting older!) you can simply stay at the hotel! In your villa or walking around the complex and getting to know beautiful gardens.

Pepperssem - 7 Some details of the Balinese architecture at Peppers 

Those wanting to take relaxation to another leve, nothing like a day at The Spa at Peppers Seminyak. Here we find body and face treatments that not only phyisically relax us, but mostly our minds.

If you like to cook and want to learn a bit more about the Balinese gastronomy, the hotel organizes cooking classes.

For the most active there’s the sophisticated gym and the yoga classes (like our Australian friends, crazy about fitness!).

Pepperssem - 6
There’s also space for business with different Villas transfoming into authentic conference areas (honestly I wish I new how it is possible for someone to work in an environment like this!).

Pepperssem - 22Service
By now, you must have realized I have a certain adoration for the Balinese people and their art of welcoming, and at Peppers Seminyak I felt all that caress so typical in Bali.

Pepperssem - 8In a young and relaxed environment, but without being inattentive or maladjusted, the team of Peppers Seminyak integrates well in the atmosphere of this region of Bali, fun, joyful and smiling they present themselves to their guests.

Pepperssem - 20Peppers Seminyak is one of the most beautiful places in the region of Seminyak, even though not being on top of the beach, bypassing that obstacle with the surrounding nature.

The fact of having Villas that truly seem luxurious houses, with several rooms (in a maximum of five) allows us to spend one of those vacations among friends that stay in our memories forever.

Pepperssem - 21

Peppers Seminyak
Villas from 350€
Jl. Pura Telaga Waja, Petitenget – Seminyak, Bali
+62 361 730 333

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Photos: Flavors & Senses

Flavors & Senses in Bali with the support of  Samsonite.
We were at Peppers by invitation, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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