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Quinta do Bomfim - 7

Quinta do Bomfim is one of the most emblematic Quintas from the “Cima Corgo” region, located in the heart of Pinhão, right next to the wonderful Douro River. The Quinta has played the lead role in the most emblematic Dow’s wines since 1896, when it was bought by the company, nowadays is in hands of the Symington Family. Among them are, for example, the recent Dow’s 2007 with 100 Points or the Dow’s 2011, elected as best wine by Wine Spectator’s Top 100, in 2014.


To the good British style, Symington has major respect for its roots, history and heritage. Heritage that is definitely connected to wine, in particular to Port Wine and which is nowadays shared with the general public, not only through their wines, but also by opening the doors of one of their most emblematic Quintas.

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So, similar to what they had already done with the Graham’s Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia (see), Symington bought some adjacent spaces and renewed the entire property of Bomfim, preparing it for wine tourism like no other Quinta in the region.

The renovation kept (and well) the Graham’s renovation lines, this time with the whites assuming a central role, not only on the outside image, but also on the inside and the cellar, lighting all the rooms in a unique and precious way when talking about cellars and wine.

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The walls tell us the history of the Quinta, intertwined with that of the Symington’s from 5 generations now; between well -organized texts and well described pictures we are able to recreate an epoch ambiance while imagining ourselves living the glories and the difficulties from other times.

Quinta do Bomfim - 8

That same history gives the tone to the guided tours, which we had the pleasure to experience firsthand.

We started the circuit by the Museum (pictures above), with those photographs and stories I was telling you about, and a replica of a Rabelo boat and old wine casks completing the picture. Then we went to the modern and renewed Cellar, where it will be possible to follow all the works during the harvest period, a space that demonstrates quite well the concern of Symington and associates modern techniques with the tradition that always took place in the old Port wine presses.

After walking outside for a while, we then went to the Armazém Velho, built in 1896 and supported by an impressive wood structure, where the aging process of the wines begins before leaving to Vila Nova de Gaia.

  Quinta do Bomfim - 11       Quinta do Bomfim - 13       Quinta do Bomfim - 12

At the Tasting Room it is possible to taste not only the Ports, but also a wide range of wines produced by Symington, we also enjoyed the beautiful terrace overlooking the Douro, and of course, to finish we arrive at the Store, where it’s possible to buy not only souvenirs but also future pleasures, by the time you take the cork of the bottle!

 Quinta do Bomfim - 14

But the visit didn’t, nor does, end here, as a Quinta worth its salt, the most important part are the vineyards, and at Bomfim it will be possible to walk freely along the vineyards and experience, for a few moments, the arduous lives of the workers who help to create the nectars that we all enjoy.

The visitors will be able to choose between three types of visit: a small trail through the vineyard with a 20 minute duration; a longer route with around 3 km, with an hour and a half duration; and an intermediate trail, which leads to Casa dos Ecos, a small building in the middle of the vineyard, with one of the best views over Douro and a terrace that could easily become a restaurant with one of the best views in the world!

Quinta do Bomfim - 23A toast at Casa dos Ecos

Along the trails there’s available information about the vineyards, the soil, the caste or even the altitude. Everything is meticulously prepared to receive the visitors, national or foreign, in a unique way.

Quinta do Bomfim - 19m

  Quinta do Bomfim - 18       Quinta do Bomfim - 16       Quinta do Bomfim - 15

From this visit to Bomfim I brought with me a particular enchantment for the space, for the way it was renewed without being damaged, for the attention to detail, for the guided tour, headed by a young woman full of will and happiness, not only for what the region has to offer but also for being able to share a unique story with us!

Quinta do Bomfim - 21

  Quinta do Bomfim - 2       Quinta do Bomfim - 3       Quinta do Bomfim - 20

A brilliant work, definitely worth your visit! I’ll be waiting for the harvest to come back and make another visit, this time with all the bustle and madness characteristic of that period.

Quinta do Bomfim - 24Dow’s Jewels

Quinta Do Bomfim
5085-060 Pinhão – Alijó
Opening Hours: 10:30 am to 7 pm
Visits in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French from 8€
Visits to the vineyards  – 5€
+351 254 730 370

We visited Quinta do Bomfim  by invitation from the Symington Family, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author. 

Text: João Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

Portuguese Version

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