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Meta Restaurant

Meta is the most recent fine dining space in Singapore. Located in one of the most “gastronomic” streets in town, Keong Saik Road, where restaurants pile up, as well as some of the main stars in the city. Here the tune is a modern Asian cuisine (which isn’t exactly new), created by Sun Kim, a […]

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Le Du

Besides the amazing street food, the gastronomic scene of Bangkok is one of the most interesting in Asia, with some of the best restaurants in the world, like Nahm and Gaggan (13th and 17th in the World’s 50 Best Guide of the British magazine Restaurant). This said it is not to be admired the growing […]

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What could make an Australian fall in love with Thai cuisine to the point of stopping to travel constantly to the country and just settle there? David Thompson’s answer will be Passion, for sure! After a series of restaurants in Australia, another one in London, also called Nahm (Water) (got the first Michelin star for […]

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Flying with Emirates – Dubai – Lisbon

Airport After the amazing flight in the A380 from Bangkok we arrived at Dubai’s Airport for a “simple” connection to our flight to Lisbon. I say simple but our passage through Dubai’s airport was much more than that. With a few hours between flights and with our luggage already dispatched to the final destination, going […]

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Video of the Week #2

With the arrival of the Asian Luxury Hotels to Paris, like Shangri-la, Mandarim Oriental or the most recent The Peninsula, the historic Parisian hotels are making great renovations in order to keep and stimulate their costumers. One of those classic Hotels is Plaza Athénée in the high fashion Av. Montaigne, this hotel was were the […]

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Flavors & Senses – The Best for 2014: Winners

In a year that our Top reinvented itself, where we created new categories and had an election with invited voters, we also decided to create an award delivery ceremony. A ceremony that just ended and took place at the Casa Vasco restaurant with a small and relaxed production, it was able to get together the winners […]

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A Escola

On a trip between Algarve and Porto, that started near the lunch hour and combining with my hate for service stations, nothing like making a small detour (20km), between the road connecting Alcácer do Sal and Comporta, for a “light” lunch. Open for 12 years, the Escola restaurant steals the name of the former grade […]

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Les Bouquinistes

If we join a restaurant with a view over Sena and the beautiful Pont Neuf, to one of the most gastronomical neighborhoods in town, with the signature of Guy Savoy, we’ve a promise to success. Les Bouquinistes was completely remodeled in the end of 2013, giving space to a modern and sophisticated environment, with more […]

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