The South Beach

TheSouthBeach - 35The recent The South Beach Hotel in Singapore is, basically, the perfect combination of luxury and design by the magical hand of Phillipe Starck.

Located in one of the most famous streets of the city, the Beach Road, the hotel is part of the impressive South Beach Development, a complex, which has offices, stores, restaurants and residences.

Opened in 2015 and still in Soft Opening, being that some parts of the complex are not yet finished.
And what an honour to get to know the beginning of an hotel that’ll be one of the best in Singapore!

TheSouthBeach - 33The philosophy of the hotel is to create an H.I.P. environment (Highly Individualised People and Places), and it is for sure being able to perform, with the idea quite present, for instance, in the 43 spaces (Imaginative Social Spaces – as they call them), spread along the hotel, and that allow us to, individually or in groups, enjoy ourselves or work in peace!

Besides excelling to be a space where everyone wants to be and where any personality fits, The South Beach is also one of the most beautiful and functional hotels I ever met.

TheSouthBeach - 34Thought by Phillipe Starck’s brilliant mind, the hotel has a design capable of stunning the sleepiest of brains. Each corner is of infinite beauty, each little detail is thought to be functional, allied to the highest sophistication.

Wandering around The South Beach is the same as enjoying a beautiful museum, and probably much more interesting than many, with pieces exclusively created by the French designer or curated by him.

TheSouthBeach - 28First Impression
Probably one of the most impressive “first impressions” I ever had! An imposing entrance presenting us with a Led panel (a giant one) with an artistic installation that delights those arriving, which by itself predicted a great stay.

Art is present even before entering the hotel, the entrance is sided by a relaxation area, with beautiful furniture and by a gorilla! Yes, a gorilla, a beautiful sculpture that personified this animal so well!

TheSouthBeach - 29

   TheSouthBeach - 46       TheSouthBeach - 32       TheSouthBeach - 34

We are forwarded to the reception, or should I say receptions, because even in this topic The South Beach stands out! The Lobby is called Global Village, with several receptions “decks”, with different design and architecture, representing each people, each community, so everyone can find “their place” and, if so, feel at home. The same way it represents so well the harmonious way several people cohabitate in Singapore.

Along the lobby there are several relaxation spaces, from small living rooms to a wide wood table where we can rest, have a work meeting or simply seat down and eat something, yes, cause there’s also an area with fresh drinks and varied French pastries.

TheSouthBeach - 40So, we didn’t even leave the lobby and we are already completely in love with The South Beach! The design of Phillipe Starck, the architecture of Foster and Partners, and the relaxed, but caring and helpful way of welcoming, assured an excellent first impression.

After the check-in, comfortably done in one of the living rooms, we were guided to our bedroom.

The elevator that took us there added some extra points to the amazing design of the hotel, the walls are filled with different drawings in blue and red tones, which seem to move with the lights effect that changes while the elevator moves, the effect of lights and colours is so big it becomes psychedelic, and I dare say dangerous after a great night at the bar of the hotel!

TheSouthBeach - 41       TheSouthBeach - 38       TheSouthBeach - 27

TheSouthBeach - 3Our bedroom – Show Case You

The 654 bedrooms and suites meet the philosophy and design of the hotel, dividing in different categories that please different personalities, in the case of the suites, we have the Deluxe, the Premier, the Charmain and the Presidential, in the case of the bedrooms we have the Show Case Me, Show Case You (where we stayed), Show Case Us and the Show Case Us Plus.

There’s still another one, with one entire floor specially created for pleasing  women, the Show Case Her, providing us all we need, from facial cleaning equipment, hair straightener, Jo Malone products, and incredible and amazing Boyfriend shirt so we don’t feel lonely! Everything thought around the female universe!

TheSouthBeach - 1The cute details of Show Case Her

Well, but on to our room, we were received with a feast of small pastries and fruits, filling the room with colour. Waiting for us was also a super comfy bed, one of those that makes us want to sleep till noon, giant pillows and unpaired comfort and cleanliness!

TheSouthBeach - 2
The bathroom was filled with Jo Malone products giving it a soft and fresh aroma. As you know, I love this division, usually I delight myself with the bathtub, but this time, what stole my heart was the toilet! Yes, the toilet, you read well! The most sophisticated ever! It may sound ridiculous, but it’s true, warm seat, automatic lid, which I love, warm water jets, substituting very well the usual and unnecessary bidet!

The mini bar in the bedroom was included in the stay, of course it didn’t have alcoholic beverages, but it had chocolates, snacks and several drinks.
The bedroom met the design of the entire hotel, and always paired with comfort and sophistication.

TheSouthBeach - 4One of the most caricatured details, his slippers had the drawing of a moustache and mine had lips with red lipstick! It’s in these moments you realize you’re in a design hotel!

TheSouthBeach - 44
Another great functionality of the bedroom is the “Butler Cabinets”, as I like calling it, being a space the employees have access from the outside, without disturbing your stay, and they can leave there anything you need, or anything you ask for and you can pick it up later, opening another small door from inside the bedroom.

TheSouthBeach - 43Laugh – a brilliant and cosmopolitan bar and restaurant *

The hotel has four gastronomic spaces, one of them hasn’t opened yet, the Court Martial Bar, a bar that’ll certainly delight the cocktail and whiskey fans.

As to the remaining ones, we have the ADHD – All Day Hotel Dining, which as the name indicates is open all day, serving a wide selection of international cuisine during the several meals of the day, being also the place where the delicious breakfast of the hotel is served.

TheSouthBeach - 13

TheSouthBeach - 12From Dim Sum, to the eggs cooked to order and the smoked salmon, nothing is missing at ADHD’s breakfast

Another of the gastronomical options, in a Bar concept, is Laugh, located in the building in front of the hotel, the building essentially has offices. This space, as the name indicates, is fun, colourful, joyful and vibrant. It serves not only a list of cocktails and alcoholic drinks, but also snacks and main courses, everything for every taste. The highlight are the tables and balconies with screens full of colour and movement.

TheSouthBeach - 42Prefix *

Last, but not least, moreover my favourite, we have the Prefix. This space, located in the heart of the Global Village, in which the wood is queen and gives it a contemporary environment, is filled with books and wines, combining neutral tones with some vibrant ones. To me, the most relaxing place at the hotel.

TheSouthBeach - 8Services
As in every luxury hotel, at The South Beach there’s the 24h room service, Laundry, Concierge, Business Services (with a Ball Room and 19 conference rooms), among others.

But there are services that set it apart from other luxury hotels. And in this field, the award certainly goes to the 43 Imaginative Social Spaces, with the capacity to elevate our senses to any fantasy place!

TheSouthBeach - 11Besides this particularity, another distinctive service is its Sky Garden and the Infinity Pool on the 18th floor, with a 360º breath taking view over Singapore. One of the most harmonious places in the entire complex. Which gets even more charming with its bar, Flow18.

TheSouthBeach - 21I confess I had one of the most relaxing mornings ever in this place (the jet lag also helped).

For those wishing to stimulate also the physical side, on that same floor there’s the Fitness Center, working 24h/day.

The hotel has another Sky Garden and another Infinity Pool with a bar, the Ebb6, located in the Padang Terrace, on another building of the complex.

TheSouthBeach - 23

   TheSouthBeach - 10       TheSouthBeach - 25       TheSouthBeach - 24
To those, like us, going to Singapore to discover it, the hotel is an excellent option because it’s very central and close to almost everything, having a subway stop right behind it that’ll soon have a stop inside the hotel complex, all thought to the smallest detail!

TheSouthBeach - 39Service
I love Design Hotels, with the Service always meeting the decoration and architecture of the space, meaning, relaxed! But not any kind of relaxed, a highly personalized relaxed service, unpretentious, and effective, keeping all the luxuries and satisfying all the needs of its guests.

It’s nice in the correct measure, sincere, attentive without being invasive, meaning they get to know us and treat us by our names, but not invading our personal space.

The South Beach is a rightful bet, reflecting Singapore quite well. It’s a beautiful hotel, highly functional, with art in each corner and assuring totally unexpected experiences.

TheSouthBeach - 22Impossible not surrendering to this view

It has probably one of the most beautiful decorations I ever seen in a hotel.
The view over Singapore is astonishing and the vibrant atmosphere that is felt in the entire hotel contrasts perfectly with the calm and relaxation felt whether in the bedrooms, or the Sky Garden, whether in some of the Imaginative Social Spaces.

TheSouthBeach - 45The worst of The South Beach really is the moment of goodbyes.

There’s nothing more left for me to do than remembering this memorable stay and dreaming of my next trip to Singapore to see how The South Beach is behaving!

I believe that with this immaculate beginning, the future is the most promising possible!

The South Beach
Rooms from 300€
30 Beach Road – Singapore
+65 6818 1888

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Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses and Release (marked with a *)

Flavors & Senses in Singapore with the support of Samsonite and of Singapore Tourism Board – #YourSingapore.
We were at The South Beach by invitation, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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