The Vintage House Douro

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The Douro region has a very special place in my heart, I don’t quite know how to explain why, what I do know is when I observe the vineyards and the river, there is something in my heart that changes, I get tachycardia, tachypnea, I’m out of myself!

Nauvintagehouse- 6mThe balcony of the room with a view over Douro 

For those who believe in reincarnation, let’s say I probably lived in these lands during a previous life!!!
I had already had the pleasure to visit the Vintage House, but I had never stayed there before, fortunately this time it happened!

Douro and the Vintage House? Who could ask for more?

We can say this hotel pratically touches the river, creating a perfect communion.

Currently in the hands of the new group NAU Hotels and Resorts, the Vintage House was a former cellar that gave origin to a luxury hotel, located in a privileged area, dominated by Quintas (farms) and terraced vineyards.

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First impression:
Perfect!!! I didn’t have to add anything else, but I have to or else it would be too vague!
Before entering the reception, and still a bit overwhelmed by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, we were approached by an employee that took care of everything for us right away; from accompanying us to the reception, to parking our car (the theoretically normal service of a 5star hotel).

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Then we were welcomed at the reception by some members of the team, with a welcome drink, that we declined but that made me very happy for feeling the correct way of receiving the guests in practice; something that not always happens.

Our check-in was readily done and we were accompanyied to our bedroom.

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Walking through the Hotel to our bedroom, I couldn’t help but to notice the decoration, classic style, kind like an antique family house that passed from generation to generation, keeping its soul and its original design, while adding comfort and sophistication.

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The Hotel has 43 bedrooms, 36 standard, 5 Junior Suites and 2 Suites. We stayed in a Standard room that completely filled my measures, with that balcony with the best view ever! Douro and the vineyards doing the honors! Moreover, at Vintage House every bedroom has that privilege.

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We were received with some great cherries, picked up in the property, which made us really happy, as if we weren’t already!

The bed was extremely comfortable and the decoration of the bedroom followed the same line of the rest of the hotel; the classic side by side with luxury and sophistication.

The bathroom in tiles of several colors and classic lines made my eyes sparkle immediately.

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Vintage presents us with three spaces, the Restaurant Rabelo, the Library Bar and the Salão do Rio.

At the first one we had the chance to have dinner at the terrace, with a wonderful and calm view to Douro, enjoying the sunset while delighting ourselves with the dishes and wines that arrived to the table.

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On the other hand, at the Library Bar, the ambiance is mysterious, elegant and worth of a royal family, with the books, the piano  and the fireplace involving our senses. Here is possible to enjoy several types of drinks.

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And finally, at Salão do Rio we had the biggest breakfast, while enjoying the sun and its perfect glow on the river waters.

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The Hotel has services enough to please the most dissatisfied of the the mortals!

We can start with its beautiful pool right in front of the river. Inside the hotel we can find the Solar dos Ingleses, a playroom with billiards, tv and fireplace.

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The Hotel also offers a Tennis Court and a Wine Accademy, with a wine store, regional products, classes and wine tastings.

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It also has perfectly equiped rooms for conferences and other events.
Concerning actiivities outside the hotel, we have the possibility of living unique moments along the Douro Valley, namely on board of PipaDouro or visiting the several Quintas of Douro.

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From our arrival to our departure, the Service was extremely well performed.

Watchful, caring, concerned, affectionate service, leaving the impression that nothing is left to chance.

I felt pampered from the beginning to the very end, no doubt!

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Vintage House Douro is one of the small paradises our country has to offer, located in Pinhão, a hidden land with a micro climate and a different environment with a sky no one imagines possible to exist on this Earth!

It may not be the most beautiful hotel in the world, but it has its charm; it is not the most luxurious but is certainly enchanted; not by chance it is a flawless hotel but it has more positives for sure, starting with the peace and calm it provides as soon as we arrive!

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It is possible to get there in several different ways: by car, through the most recently elected Best Road in the World, the N222 between Peso da Régua and Pinhão, with its dangerous curves but an astonishing view; by train, with the idyllic Linha do Douro; or by boat, navigating the river among vineyards! Whatever the transportation you choose, the important thing is you get there and live a unique moment you’ll want to make last forever.

Whatever I may say, my worlds will never be enough to describe it…

The Vintage House Douro
Rooms from 140€
Lugar da Ponte, Pinhão
(+351) 254 730 230

We stayed at The Vintage House Douro by invitation from the NAU group, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author. 

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

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