Torel Palace Porto

When someone transforms a baroque palace from the 19th century into a luxurious boutique hotel, we know the experience will be memorable. Torel Palace Porto is one of those refuges that makes you travel back in time and immerses you in an unreal atmosphere.

First impression
Unparalleled classic to palatial style, yet cozy enough. An imposing entrance, smiling staff, and a reception where books descend from the ceiling like stars!

Torel Palace Porto created its essence in homage to the most iconic Portuguese writers and poets, which is why its theme is identified in every corner of the hotel: literature!

Hotel Library

The hotel has 24 rooms, 11 rooms, and 13 suites. Some have a balcony, some overlook the pool, while others overlook the city. But they all share one feature: a literary atmosphere mixed with elegance, class, and even a touch of sensuality. Yes, you read it right! And yes, a bedroom can be sexy!

Our stay in the Superior Bocage Suite could have contributed to our experience, as a quote welcoming us read, “Lovers are like that; everyone flees reason.”

A classic room with high ceilings and walls full of history, untouched by time but reinvented with a contemporary touch. A mirrored installation was installed in its center, making our image invade from every corner of the room – but it is nothing more, nothing less, than the bathroom, created in this way so as not to alter the secular structure.

Art through literature is Torel Palace’s motto, and they have shown mastery in creating this atmosphere! The bed is exceptionally comfortable, with tea and coffee available throughout your stay. Every corner of this room was art, as seen in the photographs.


One of Torel’s ex libris is its restaurant, Blind, with the signature of award-winning chef Vítor Matos, whose motto anticipates the experience: “The chef refines the food, while the customer refines the senses.” Open since 2020, Blind concept is a tribute to José Saramago’s work, “Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira”, where they can test all the senses! An elegant room, which also serves as a bar and poolside, this is where the Blind Emotions menu comes to us.

This is also where breakfast is served, here, on a less positive note, we found little variety and the absence of some crucial elements that are essential in a hotel of the level we associate Torel Palace Porto with.

João tells you about our experience dining at Blind in another article.

After our stay, Torel Palace launched Florbela Pâtisserie in its small library, which aims to bring a bit of Paris to Porto. As it should be, the inspiration continues to be literature; therefore, this Pâtisserie is a tribute to the life and work of the poet Florbela Espanca.

Breakfast is also served on Blind

Here you can enjoy a selection of sweets produced by pastry chef Eva Monteiro using the most refined French pastry techniques while leafing through one of the many books spread across the shelves in this beautiful corner of the hotel.

Torel Palace offers the usual services of a 5-star hotel, including transfer service to and from the airport (by appointment), babysitting, hotel porters, concierge, laundry service, and room service available 24 hours a day, as well as parking next door to the hotel.

The magical ceiling from the top of the building

Despite not having a spa, Torel offers the Calla Wellness Suite, which provides personalized relaxation, aesthetics, and well-being services.

The swimming pool is one of the many areas of relaxation that the hotel proposes. A wall of nature rises through it, transforming this pool into an authentic refuge from the daily hustle and bustle.

Torel Palace has magic, art, literature, history, past and present, and will undoubtedly have a bright future. It’s an elegant hotel with a palatial feel without being overbearing or arrogant, and the mirrors in every corner give it an unbridled sensuality.

I want to go back, I really want to go back!

Rooms from 280€
Rua de Entreparedes 42 – Porto

Photos: Flavors & Senses
Text: Cíntia Oliveira
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