Hotel Villa Franca

villafranca-37The Hotel Villa Franca is a refuge where the blue from the sky and the blue of the sea mix in perfect harmony.

Driving there is not an easy task, not because it hasn’t a good location, on the contrary, the region is amazing, but because driving in the South of Italy is a true adventure, a horror adventure of course!

This Small Luxury Hotel of the World is located on the Amalfi Coast, more precisely in the beautiful town of Positano.

villafranca-24First impression
The expectation was quite high; the images I had seen of the views from the hotel were so dreamy they almost seemed unreal. But I soon found they weren’t!

We arrived by car, very tired, driving since Cortona, we had stopped for lunch at the memorable Don Alfonso in Sorrento, and we just wanted to stop a bit, relax and enjoy the best of Positano, and so it was.


villafranca-29As soon as we stopped the car at the entrance we saw its elegance, an immaculate white rivaling with the blue sky, we still couldn’t see the sea, but it wouldn’t take much long.

We entered Villa Franca and were welcomed in a small, but cozy reception where the check in was made without delays, to our right we could already glimpse the bright blue away!

villafranca-38We were immediately accompanied to our bedroom, and as soon as we left the reception to enter the lobby it was a big surprise. A contemporary decoration with unique art pieces, in a perfect symbiosis with the calm coming from the sea. We got a clear vision of the ocean, once the hotel is partly made of glass.

We entered a bedroom where white prevailed, enrichened with colorful paintings, on the walls, and on the floor. Small but extremely elegant, with lots of light, coming from the balcony.

villafranca-3I headed to the balcony, I opened the curtains and there it was… the vision of paradise! Sea, sky, and sun! Soon arrived some goodies to the bedroom, namely sweets, and prosecco, we seated in our balcony and simply enjoyed the moment… the true Dolce Far Niente!

villafranca-17The hotel has four types of bedroom, the Classic (ours), the Superior, the Deluxe and Deluxe Special, besides the Junior Suites and the Junior Suites Deluxe. These vary in terms of size, but also on the views they offer, that I must say are all amazing, both of the sea, or the sea and the city.

The hotel has some options, like for example the Li Galli, the main restaurant, where we had the pleasure to enjoy a nice dinner, being one of the main restaurants of Positano, with the famously starred chef Gennaro Esposito as a consultant.

villafranca-13Of highlight – besides the obvious and tireless view over the sea that by night becomes an immense dark – is the steer tartar with truffle and crunchy cheese balls, and a risotto of great level.

villafranca-32Another ex libris is the restaurant on top of the hotel, working as GalliGril Pool and as Gallis Sky Bar. Which allows us to enjoy a lunch with an absolutely vertiginous view, or simply have a cocktail while grabbing a bite to eat and get a bit tanned.


 villafranca-19The breakfast room is also a must, not only for the variety of products and gastronomic options but also for the fact of having a very wide view over Positano, with its colorful houses going down in terraces, heading to the sea.

villafranca-20It’s not a bad view to start the day!

Last, but not least, we have the Gallis Bar, perfect for a nice evening, in a virtually private terrace.

All the spaces have similar decorations to the rest of the hotel, contemporary and with exclusive art pieces, quite exuberant I must say, but the most elegant place of all, to me, is this last one for sure, the Gallis Bar.

villafranca-25villafranca-26The hotel also provides unique moments around food with Show Cooking experiences to the guests who wish to adventure themselves in the Italian cuisine.

One of the most praised places of the hotel, and of which they are most proud of is the Cellar, with unique wines, capable of enhancing any special moment. So, wine tastings are welcome, accompanied by cheeses and other traditional products.


Villa Franca offers all the typical services of a luxury hotel, such as concierge, wi-fi, laundry, babysitting and even dog sitting, room service, fax, private parking lot (for a reasonable price a day), among others.

The hotel also provides their guests real experiences through the Amalfi enchantments, with organized visits to Positano or other towns nearby, with boat rides or even a personal shopper.

villafranca-31The hotel is just a few minutes away from the center of Positano and of the main beach, but to those who don’t like walking, the hotel assures transportation several times a day.

If you desire to just stay at the hotel, there are also several options, an entire afternoon on the top of the hotel, relaxing by the pool and tanning, or an afternoon relaxing in the Turkish bath followed by a relaxing massage and a facial treatment is not a bad option!

villafranca-36To the most active ones (which is now my case!), Villa Franca has a small gym, but nicely equipped, and also with a personal trainer available.
Those who enjoy taking a bit of every place home with them, at Villa Franca that is possible by acquiring some high-quality exclusive products, crafted by local artisans. From hygiene and beauty products to bed and bath linen and also fragrances.

The team of Villa Franca is nice and polite, with the particularity of not invading our space. We walk around freely around the hotel, meeting some true smiles on our way, not feeling pressured or constantly looked over. A pleasant service without the constant etiquette exaggerations of the luxury hotels.

Something very positive is the number of employees, in a small hotel it wouldn’t be expected to have so many, but like this, they assure the immediate care of each guest.

villafranca-21The hotel is a true oasis of elegance and surrounding beauty. One of the best locations in the Amalfi Coast, and assured some of the best moments of our return to Italy.



Note: the hotel closes during the winter period, from December to the end of February.

Hotel Villa Franca – Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Bedrooms from 340€
Viale Pasitea, 318 – Positano
+39 089 875 655

Versão Portuguesa 

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

We were at Hotel Villa Franca by invitation, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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