Il Salviatino

“When dreams and reality intersect the mind in an uninterrupted  way” 

The hotel il Salviatino, located in Florence, more precisely in Fiesole, dates back to the XIV century, where it may have been a country house situated in between vineyards and olive trees.

The name has its origins in the Salviati family, who were powerful wool merchandisers. They bought the property in the XVI century and started a renovation that took place for many years, adding frescoes and luxurious furniture, creating an hospitable and social meeting place, with distinguished guests.

In the following centuries, Il Salviatino passed through various families that have reshaped and decorated it into a more and more luxurious place. Until 2008, when it was bought and transformed into a luxury hotel by the hands of Luciano Columbo and some local craftsmen. They where able to combine glamour and modernity, making us feel inside a palace from the XV century, with its frescoes, at the same time we have access to the more sophisticated technologies from the XXI century.

Il Salviatino is surrounded by more than eleven and an half  hectares of gardens and a breathtaking view of the ethereal beauty of Florence.

It is composed by 45 bedrooms and suites holding the combined charm of an ancient palace with frescoes, fireplaces, mosaics and some modern and luxurious elements which promote the most elegant italian workmanship.

The penthouses, located on the tower, are the greatest exponent of the hotel.  The most charming of all includes a private balcony with a 360-degree view above Fiesole and the city of Florence.

The library provides outstanding comfort along with classic literature and an excellent selection of liquor that takes us to exhilarating moments of culture and idleness. Speaking of idleness, we cannot forget the marvelous terraces used for the tasting of a detailed wine list and spirit drinks accompanied by a magnificent service.

The hotel presents us also with a spa, hidden on the balcony gardens, that offers traditional relaxing treatments performed by specialized therapists.

The restaurant conceives unique moments of gastronomical experiences, typical of Florence and Tuscany, allied to the contemporaneous cooking techniques, combining tradition with modernity in any of the daily meals.

The gardens provide us relaxation never before experienced while observing the idyllic image of the Florence Duomo in the horizon.

The customer service is irreprehensible during the guest conduct, allowing us to feel unique in a place and a moment that sends us to the past, making us forget the exasperated excitement from the outer world.

Throughout the entire stay the sensation of wanting the time to stop prevails, together with the will to transform the fleeting moment into an eternal moment and reach the plenitude of the physical and psychological balance.

It is, without a doubt, an unique experience that enhances the desire to return.

Il Salviatino
Rooms from 395€
Via del Salviatino, 21. Fiesole/Florence
*Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses/Hotel Il Salviatino


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    This is the sort of website I love to see! Succinctly written, it’s great!

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