La Bandita Townhouse

When someone with a frantic, full of adrenaline life decides to leave the craziness of the daily life and live in Pienza, building a country house and a hotel, the result is simply brilliant!

This happened with John Voigtmann, a business man in the musical industry in New York, who along with his wife, and a passion for the region of Pienza and Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, had the idea to create a hotel with a modern design concept and a highly personalized service, the truth is they made it and in an irreproachable way! Against all doubts they initiated their journey with the opening of a boutique hotel, a kind of country house, the La Bandita, in 2007.

After six years they decided to expand to La Bandita Townhouse, a luxurious design hotel, right in the heart of Pienza.

It is precisely about this one I’m going to talk to you about, describing our splendid experience.

I remember this day perfectly, we arrived to Pienza, still a bit disoriented with the charms of the region and we called the hotel for them to guide us to their specific street, Martina, who picked up our call came to meet us at the car, with a huge smile and a super relaxed attitude, “hi guys” she said! And from that moment on everything was done to make our stay in Pienza something memorable.

When we entered the La Bandita we had a palpable sense of energy and enthusiasm, a real feeling that something interesting is always happening there.

As time passed we fell more in love with all the charm of the hotel. Modern design with a dash of the rustic Tuscany, a bar and a library where we were able to relax with a good wine while we observed a little of John’s former life, the wall was full of albums of some of the stars whose career he followed!

The hotel is constituted by twelve bedrooms, with modern design and all the comfort allied to the sophistication, huge and comfortable beds, impressive details that honor the past of the building (an ancient monastery), such as exposed stone walls and high ceilings with wooden beams.

All the good taste put into the requalification of the building is irresistible, with its innovative and modern interior and totally Renaissance style exterior!

The hotel also has a relaxed and modern restaurant, of Italian roots, that opens to the world with notes of international cuisine, about which we’ll dedicate another article.

All our stay was accompanied with joviality, sympathy, casualness and tenderness by all the team. We felt at a close friend’s home, rather than a hotel.

John and Ondine’s philosophy is well noticeable, showing the simplicity, the casualness and beauty of life in Pienza, creating a space where even they would like to stay hosted, a comfortable place, fun and sophisticated, in one of the most beautiful places in the world (see the Pienza article).

I start to believe John,
“Stay a few nights, and they will wave as you pass. Maybe you will consider giving it all up too…” !!!

La Bandita Townhouse
Rooms from 195€
111 Corso Rossellino, Pienza
+39 0578 749 005

*Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: La Bandita Town House.

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