Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Sometimes all we need is to get away from reality, and to achieve that, what better than an authentic The Thousand and One Nights scenario?

That’s why we chose Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi. Hyatt is always a synonym of luxury and of the welcoming art. It’s one of those groups that our followers know never disappoints us, and the idea of spending a few days at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi was the promise of a refuge, exciting and relaxing at the same time!

And so it was! But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Location and first impression
Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas is conveniently located at Saadiyat beach and close to every important thing in this region. The airport, the main financial and commercial areas, the golf courses, main attractions and just a few minutes from the cultural district of Saadiyat.

Making it very easy to visit the most famous places, like the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi.

As soon as we arrive at the hotel, it’s greatness caused inevitable fascination.

A breathtaking lobby, simple decoration, with neutral colors mixed with warm colors, and ambiance music taking us to a scene of the famous movie.

The lobby, huge, thus less intimate, but with a very calm environment transmitting a sense of privacy.

The team, quite nice and effective during check-in, then accompanied us to the bedroom.

The hotel has 306 bedrooms, some normal bedrooms, other suites, and some villas.

We stayed in a King Bed with sea views. Contemporary decoration with Arabic details making it as comfortable as luxurious.

Waiting for us were several types of fruit, dry fruits, and pastries. Small details that make all the difference, with the same being restocked every day and showcasing the several products of the region.

The bedroom, with around 50m2, had a marble bathroom, quite spacious, with a king-size bed, extremely comfortable, office space and a sofa giving more comfort to the room.

The ex-libris? A balcony with a breathtaking view over the beach and the Saadiyat beach, where I had one of the best experiences of this stay… on the first day I woke up at 6 am, and without disturbing a sleeping João, I decided to enjoy the perfect silence of the sunrise and the peace sensation the ocean transmits.

The hotel has four options, and one of those divides into two.

The Park Grill

The Park Bar & Grill is the awarded restaurant of Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, going from the excellent charcoal-grilled meats to the tasty seafood, and Asian dishes.

We had an amazing dinner at the terrace, with the warm night of Abu Dhabi as our companion. Good product, worked with simplicity, as intended at a restaurant where the grill has the spotlight.

Tuna tartar

Grilled lobster

From the tuna tartar to the Wagyu beef, the grilled lobster or the black truffle pide, the cooking was on point, by the hands of a Brazilian chef passionate by the grill.

The night views of The Park Grill are halfway to an excellent meal

This restaurant has also an upstairs floor The Park Bar, with a great selection of cocktails and a vibrant ambiance. Here we tasted an Asian inspired menu, where Vietnamese and Thai cuisines stand out. Accompanying, a unique tasting of cocktails to celebrate our first Arabic evening!

The Park Bar

An Asian inspired negroni 

The meal was light, fresh and of great pleasure, as expected in this region. Highscore to the Pho, the Vietnamese tacos and the shrimp curry.

All delicious!

The hotel has also one of the most cosmopolitan terraces in Abu Dhabi – the Beach House.

Beach House

A space that conquered tourists and locals, for its astonishing views over the beach, the music, and of course, the Mediterranean cuisine where the Spanish flavors and the tapas are the main references.

We had the chance to have lunch here after an amazing morning of sun and sea. Starting with cocktails (you know me!) and ending with a great crema Catalana as dessert.

The great shrimp al ajillo at the Beach House

The breakfast spot, and one of the most important spaces for me (those who read my articles know my love for breakfasts), its The Café.

Open all day, serving Middle Eastern specialties and international cuisine.

The Café

As to breakfast itself, I couldn’t ask for more, from natural juices to pastries, from international classic cuisine to middle eastern cuisine, gluten-free, etc, nothing was left to chance.

  Last, but not least, we have The Library.

A contemporary tea room serving different coffees and teas, besides chocolates and homemade sweets.

With its orange leather details, black marble and fireplace, it invites us to unique idleness moments.

The truth is that when you stay at a Hyatt hotel, there is almost nothing the guest can’t get because the most important is that the guest feels such complete happiness he wants to come back.

So, besides all the services that come with any luxury hotel, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi has the privilege of being literally on the Saadiyat beach, allowing its guests to enjoy the thin sand beach and the warm sea.

One of the things that surprised me the most in this trip to UAE was to find a beach like Saadiyat, so serene, crystal clear water and perfect temperature, allowing me to relax and feel inside an authentic oasis, without having to go to the traditional beach paradises to enjoy a beach.

The several pools and jacuzzis along the hotel assure fun and relaxation, to the younger as well as the eldest.

And although liking the beach, I love pools! And there I spent most of my time during this stay, mostly because the pool complex was so big we were able to be alone for a great part of the day, and also because there were specific places and pools for children, the silence was a constant, and lastly, but most importantly, because it was closer to the bar, so the cocktails arrived quicker to me!!

Its gym and spa allow even more relaxation moments and the absence from the real world.

It’s important to mention that these days I already consider myself as a physical activity lover (not really, but I do exercise!) and so right on the first day  I was a client of the gym. The first and the only day!!

The reception of Atarmia Spa The relaxing private pool of the Spa

There’s a lot of activities you can do through the hotel, for that, you just have to contact the concierge and do it all to your own liking. A boat tour, a walk around town, visiting any of the places of interest, or even the opportunity to enjoy other beaches or some of the famous amusement parks of Abu Dhabi. Everything is possible in this Park Hyatt!

During our stay in Abu Dhabi, we opted to visit two major places, the Sheik Zayed Mosque with its unpaired greatness and the Louvre Abu Dhabi with its baffling architecture.

The hotel is not only an amazing beach resort focused on leisure and relaxation, but it’s also the perfect place for conferences and congresses with its six rooms for the effect.

But these rooms are not only for work! Whatever you are celebrating, moment or date, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi will help you prepare the happiest and most important day ever!

This space is truly the perfect place for a fantastic vacation, honeymoon, vacation with friends or with family. It really was everything I needed at the moment we went on this trip!

O Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is an authentic oasis we don’t ever want to leave, and just want to be lost in a one thousand and one night’s mystical story.

From the dreamlike location to the nice staff and the diverse services, everything in this oasis makes us leave already wanting to come back soon.

And so,

See you soon Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi!

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Bedrooms from 315€
PO Box 2822, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates 
+971 2 407 1234

Versão Portuguesa

Text: Cíntia Oliveira Photos: Flavors & Senses

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