PortoBay Liberdade

Portobay - 27mThe PortoBay Group, the Portuguese hotel group with more international awards, decided to do the most perfect, yet uncommon of the combinations, ally the charm to the urban, therefore creating the PortoBay Liberdade in the famous Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon.

Aiming for us to travel in time, Frederico Valsassina, the architect responsible for the project, recovered a building from the XX century, keeping the essence of another time while adding the virtue of the contemporary, which combines very well with the past.

Portobay - 25The hotel is full of Portuguese art and culture in perfect communion with the rest of the world. A kind of cosmopolitan environment holding hands with comfort and coziness.

Portobay - 26Aviator6 Bar

First Impression:
As we approach the hotel, we are immediately transported to the XX century, being its facade an authentic anthem to the past.

Already inside the hotel, to our right, the bar adjacent to the reception, Aviator 6, with the decoration inspired in aviation, with blue tones (the Tiffany blue, as I like to call it) and metallic material, and a modern terrace opposing to the historic façade.

  Portobay - 24To our left, the reception itself, with a waiting area filled by pieces and furniture from different parts of the world.

Due to some difficulty in finding our reservation we were invited to cozily wait at Aviator 6, unfortunately that mistake made us wait for a while, but also allowed us to absorb the environment of this urban and charming hotel.

Finished this small, but dull confusion and with everything settled, we were invited (and accompanied) to go up to our room.

Portobay - 23Along the hotel, on the different floors, we find Henrique Secura’s photographs over the city of Lisbon; the concern with Portuguese art and artists is very present, visible in the paintings, the sculptures, the tiles of the restaurant’s patio, and in each corner of the hotel.

We can find names of renowned artists like Ana Vidigal, Catarina Pinto Leite, Artur Bual, Cruzeiro Seixas, Menez and Joana Rêgo.

The hotel is a true journey about art, culture and leisure.

Portobay - 4 Bedrooms:
The hotel has 98 bedrooms, of five different types, Classic, Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suite and Suite. We stayed in a Junior Suite! A true cosmopolitan luxury to the eyes of my humble wisdom in terms of rooms!

The balcony of the bedroom was its highlight and filled the room with a contagious light that so well defines the city of Lisbon.

The decoration, similar to the rest of the hotel, conjugates two different times; the past is mostly present in the limestone masonry and gives the environment a simple elegance, and, the present is evident in the luxury, sophistication and contemporary details that grant a cosmopolitan life to the entire room.

  Portobay - 3       Portobay - 2       Portobay - 5
The bed was extremely comfortable and the huge bathroom perfectly met my requirements.

I just missed a small detail to work as a welcoming moment, whether it was a piece of fruit or a typical sweet of the city (I’m picky, what can I do!).

Portobay - 14Bistrô4

Here is a category in which PortoBay distinguishes itself from many hotels.
Being a town hotel, located in one of the most emblematic areas of the capital, PortoBay bet on excellence; and definitely won!

Three is the number of spaces the hotel offers, Aviator 6, Deck7 and Bistrô4.

Portobay - 7Deck7

About the first one I already talked a bit on the beginning of this text, aviation inspired decoration, with a contemporary nature, in blue tones, mixing elegance and informality at the same time. This space offers us more than 300 beverage references and a terrace in the center of town, turned to the famous Avenida da Liberdade, without the movement excess of the downtown Lisbon.

Portobay - 11mDeck7
Portobay - 8        Portobay - 10m       Portobay - 12mAs to Deck7, imagine a terrace with an intimate ambiance, elegant without being pretentious, and where you have a Jacuzzi at your disposal! This is Deck7, where we can get a tan while enjoying a good gin and being lazy in the Jacuzzi!

Portobay - 17Concerning the last space, Bistrô4, was where we had breakfast and had the chance to have dinner (and what a dinner!). This space brings to Lisbon a new breath of the French concept of Bistronomie, by the hands of the Chef Benoît Sinthon (*Michelin).

  Portobay - 19       Portobay - 16       Portobay - 21
In both meals we chose the lovely outdoor patio, involved by the aromas of the lemon and olive trees that surround it. About our experience at dinner, João will talk to you in a specific article.

Portobay - 31Vitality Pool*

PortoBay is an authentic Urban Resort that presents us different services capable of turning our stay into a unique experience.
Its indoor pool, Vitality Pool, presents natural light and it’s heated, has hydro massage and water jets, also access to a small patio with loungers, kind of an urban oasis.

Portobay - 29Spa Aromatherapie*

Right next to the pool we have PortoBay’s spa, a place with four treatment rooms, with the signature of the renowned Aromatherapie brand, and a relaxation area, where we can enjoy a unique moment that will take us away from the daily life bustle.

  Portobay - 20       Portobay - 9       portobay - 34
For those that besides the mind, also don’t neglect the body, there’s the gym, with natural light and view to the pool and the indoors patio, equipped with several training machines and personal trainers.

And because not everybody travels for pleasure, but instead for work, the hotel has four rooms with capacity to host 150 people for conferences or congresses, and that also can be used to different events.

 Portobay - 30Room Service*

The hotel is constituted by a good team, for sure, thoughtful and concerned people that try to assure the best possible stay to any of their guests. A constant concern is noticeable in terms of organization, mostly for being a hotel with few months of life.

If it weren’t for that initial confusion with our reservation, everything would’ve been perfect. But it happens and we can easily forgive when everything else goes the right way.

 portobay - 32The classic facade well integrated with the more modern supplements* 

An experience to remember in this former palace from the XX century that unites the classic and the contemporary, and pays homage to the city of the seven hills through its art.

A true urban oasis that allows us to be in the center of the capital without being hit by the inordinate movement of the masses.

A great premiere for PortoBay in Lisbon!

PortoBay Liberdade
Rooms from 135€
Rua Rosa Araújo, 8 – Av. da Liberdade. Lisboa
+351 210 015 700

Versão Portuguesa 

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses and the marked with* – PortoBay Liberdade

We stayed at PortoBay Liberdade by invitation from the PortoBay group, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author. 

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