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hyattregencyatakoy - 21As Cíntia talked to you about in the previous Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy article, the hotel has an amazing Sky Bar with a view over the Sea of Marmara and some news that make it different from the competition around the city. Besides the usual Dj, and private party rooms, Vue also has a restaurant, like a Tappas Bar, with a basis in Peruvian cuisine, besides an excellent Barman specialized in Flair Bartending and signature cocktails aged in wood barrels.

Vue - 10To work the Peruvian cuisine, on the spotlight nowadays, but simultaneously so different from the Turkish roots, a young Peruvian Chef was hired, Bruno Santa Cruz, who among ceviches, tappas and traditional dishes creates a small feast.

Vue - 9Mai Tai aged in wood barrels

Vue - 8Turkish Delight

Already with the cocktails approved we started the tasting of the small dishes of Vue with a ceviche trio, Scallops, pisco and pomegranate, Shrimp and avocado, Snapper, onion and sweet potato.

Vue - 4           Vue - 5           Vue - 3 ceviche trio

All very well prepared, with highlight to the classic snapper with sweet potato, and to the pomegranate and scallops, in a fusion between Peru and Turkey. Excellent start.

Vue - 6          Vue - 7           Vue - 15Followed by the hot dishes, with garlic shrimp, crab cakes and veal empanadas. Less interesting the incursion by the Spanish appetizers with the garlic shrimp lacking some power and greasiness to the sauce, but easily compensated by the crab cakes with peppers sauce, very, very good. Also the small empanadas proved to be in great shape, with well-prepared meat and excellent and crunchy dough.

Vue - 11Matured Entrecôte with chimichurri and lime

Among the appetizers we also tried this excellent matured entrecôte, grilled in thin slices with the classic chimichurri sauce. Excellent.

 Vue - 1Anilcan Safa preparing another cocktail

And because drinking without eating isn’t good for our health, we continued to try Chef Bruno’s cuisine, this time with one of his mains; we started with Octopus and potato, red chicory pickles and beans. The combination surprised in a positive way, with an excellent sweet and sour balance. Flawless.

Vue - 12Octopus with potato, red chicory pickle and beans 

Next, a classic Peruvian dish, Ají de Gallina (Hen stew), with lime and chestnut spicy cream. Well prepared, with moist chicken and slightly spicy.

Vue - 13Aji de Gallina

Vue - 14Grilled quail, marinated black beans and grape pickles

This last one was my favorite dish of the night, perfectly grilled quail, tasty and delicate meat, good contrast with the acidity and texture of the beans. One of those dishes that leaves a mark.

Vue - 20This is a Mister Gin! Tanqueray Ten, fever tree and some more secrets in the middle 

To end the night, and after a small tasting of Turkish wines, with highlight to a Malbec from Corvus, here’s the sweet moment of the night, with a Lime meringue Tart that perfectly fulfilled its purpose. Sweet enough, good dough and curd.

Vue - 16 Lime Meringue Tart 

As to final remarks, Vue Lounge & Bar is a magnificent example of the cosmopolitan side of Istanbul, attended by locals and tourists, football players and top models, the space is quite eclectic but comfortable, without that idea of seeing and being seen, but with the search for a moment of fun. But Vue is more than that; it’s an excellent restaurant, with an amazing and unique cuisine in town that deserves to be appreciated.

During the summer months the balcony surrounding the Bar will steal the attentions, creating floods of people in search for a place or a table to celebrate a Sunset party in style.

Basically, if you enjoy cocktails, the sophisticated bar environment and good cuisine, this is a mandatory place, whether you’re staying at the hotel or not.

Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy
Ataköy 2-5-6. Kısım, Rauf Orbay Caddesi Sahil Yolu – Istanbul
+90 212 463 1234

Photos: Flavors & Senses and Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy.

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