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bangkok -106Arriving in Thailand is not a hard task, just a long one, with flights arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport coming from all around the world, with one or another scale added to the trip. In our case a trip with two scales, starting from Porto to Lisbon, and then Lisbon to Dubai, ending up in the amazing A380 of EMIRATES for a flight between Dubai and Bangkok. (see)

But on to the most important, travelling around this big country.

emirates - 42Flying with Emirates

From the famous and luxurious Thai to the low cost Air Asia or Nokair, the options to travel inside the country are many. In our case we opted to travel with Bangkok Airways, the Boutique Company that although being low-cost offers bags, Lounges for all the passengers and meals on board, besides a great service and nice timings.

They are slow and the trips take many hours, however they’re ideal to the backpack travelers who wish to travel during the night or to those who want to see some more interior and less touristic areas. It’s a fact that the times are rarely met, but on the other hand, they are clean and safe. To get a ticket just go to the Hua Lamphong station.

All cities have a bus station, so it’s easy and cheap to travel the country this way. However, there are two options, the public ones, cheaper, and the private, which higher prices justify, taking the comfort in account.

bangkok -80Cab

It is one of the cheapest and most effective transports, but you need them to use the taximeter and not getting stuck in traffic, like it’s usual in Bangkok.

– Never let the cab driver start the trip without turning on the taximeter.
– Make sure you have your destination address written in Thai and the number of the destination or the hotel with you, because GPS is not for them.

Tuk Tuk
It is not possible to visit Thailand and not travelling in one of these famous vehicles. You can do it anywhere, like in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or anywhere else, they are everywhere.

– The important thing is to catch one outside the main tourist areas and to negotiate the price in advance. You can and should haggle.

Chiang Mai - 60

It’s like a closed pick-up that transports several people, similar to a small bus. It’s very common and practical to circulate in Chiang Mai, for example, between the center and the mountain areas.

Car/Motorcycle Rental
Renting a car is not the best way to travel around, although being the most free. There’s a great distance between cites, roads with few signalization and chaotic traffic.
On the other hand, renting a small scooter/motorcycle is the most interesting way to any traveler to explore some areas, namely the islands. Traveling the entire coast of Phuket or Koh Samui in a motorcycle can become one of the best experiences of your trip.

In Bangkok, whenever possible, use the subway line (MRT) or the Sky Train (BTS), which although not covering the biggest part of the city are the quickest way to travel and avoid the chaotic traffic.

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

Flavors & Senses in Thailand with the support of Emirates


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