Paris in 7 Days – Day 5

Day 5

Paris2011 - 64Château de Versailles

Just around 45 minutes away from the center of Paris, whether by RER (you should catch the RER C5) or with a private driver (know more in Blacklane), we can find one of the world’s masterpieces, the Château de Versailles.

Paris2011 - 69Started by the “crazy” Louis XIV, the Sun King (maybe that’s why the palace is so golden) in 1664, this art work deludes our eyes with its dimension and opulence. It holds an incredible collection of royalty treasures, and probably one of the most elegant and grand gardens in Paris.

Paris2011 - 61m

Paris2011 - 68m           Paris2011 - 66           Paris2011 - 65

It is one of the most beautiful places I ever had the chance to visit in my life.

Paris2011 - 59

Paris2011 - 57One of the creative floors outside the Palace

On your agenda should be the visit to the Palace, to the Grand Trianon (small pink marble palace, inspired in Italian architecture), and the Domaine Marie Antoinette, with its palace and gardens, which allowed the queen to live apart from the rest of the court in a more rustic environment.

Paris2011 - 47“My little garden”, would say the King 

Paris2011 - 50           Paris2011 - 53           Paris2011 - 54

Reserve a day for this place, and when you return to Paris enjoy walking around the city without a destination, just appreciating the surrounding environment.

Useful information

Where to buy the Ticket:
– The official site of the Palace
– The Paris Tourist Office
– Or use the Museum Pass (in another article we’ll recommend for you to acquire it)

The ideal is to get to the Palace as early as possible, in particular if you travel during the warmer months, otherwise you’ll find immense lines to buy the ticket, to do the interior visit of the Palace (you should enter before 10 am or then after 3 pm – taking advantage of the morning to see the other attractions (Trianon and Domain Marie Antoinette)).

– In case you chose got to Versailles by RER you should go on the RER C5 (with passage in several Parisian stations) and leave at the Versailles Rive Gauche station.

– The Palace has some Cafes, like Angelina or Ladurée and some restaurants and fast food kiosks, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the Palace for your meals.

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