Paris in 7 Days – Day 3

Day 3

 Parisfev2014 -  27mSacré-Coeur

Today we’re going to one of the most idyllic spots in town, probably my favorite.
To the North of Paris, in the highest place of the city, we arrive to Montmartre and its monumental Sacré-Coeur Basilica.

Parisfev2014 -  22 Parisfev2014 -  21 Artists at Montmartre square

This mythical place of painters and poets, from Picasso to Apollinaire, will always be associated with the bohemian lifestyle from the end of the XIX century and beginning of the XX century. Today it is still possible to observe lots of artists painting tourist portraits or simply immortalizing the most beautiful places of Paris in the paper.

Here we can find one of the most mythical basilicas, the Sacré-Coeur, of neo-Romanesque architecture, with its wonderful white profile from where you can observe the city on the horizon, a wonderful view.

Parisfev2014 -  25

Parisfev2014 -  23            Parisfev2014 -  28           Parisfev2014 -  24

On my second visit to Paris, more calm being already familiar with the city, we stopped on the access stairs to the Basilica, observing the city and listening to a street musician (which later we found out to be the most famous street musician in the world!) and it was amazing, because we realized in that same stairway were people from all around the world doing exactly the same, resting, enjoying a wonderful sunny day and being happy! Reserve all morning to this incredible place and the Montmartre region.

paris2012x08 The view from Sacré-Coeur over Paris

Parisfev2014 -  29Slightly below Montmartre, more precisely in Pigalle, is the Moulin Rouge. For me, and being a woman, obviously when I think about Moulin Rouge I remember the movie, the sad and thrilling love story, of course those who only take this in their minds will be disappointed…

The Moulin Rouge, which still presents cabaret shows these days, is just a business, and a pretty expensive one; from the original and classic one only the red windmill blades remain outside. I wanted to find that scenario from the ball rooms of the Belle Époque that offended people and attracted the bohemians with the Cancan dancers, but I didn’t.

You can opt to book dinner and watch a show, but prepare yourselves because it’s going to be very expensive (and with pretty uninteresting food).

Dupondsmith - 14 Marais

Continuing to go down towards the Seine (walking or taking the subway – I would recommend the last one) we can find a Modern Art Museum that contrasts with the architectural past of the city, the Centre George Pompidou and the historic Marais region. Go to the Marais district, once a Noble neighborhood, later (and nowadays) with a strong Jewish presence, and more recently the Gay community. It’s a vibrant neighborhood, full of modern stores contrasting with historic spaces, quality bistros, some of the best coffee and pastry shops in town and always with a quite particular atmosphere.

Paris2011 - 14 Place des Vosges

It is for sure one of our favorite areas of the city. If you go there near the lunch hour, buy it in one of its nice bakeries with the cheeses from a good Affineur and sit down at the beautiful Place des Vosges (the oldest of the city) enjoying the surrounding history, like Victor Hugo’s place, where many of his works were written.

Paris2011 - 16 Centre George Pompidou

After this walk go to the Centre George Pompidou, open since 1977, which building is by itself one of the most famous modern art pieces in the world. The building’s skeleton, the escalators, the elevators and the air and water pipes are at plain sight, in a mix of bright and bold colors. On the inside you can enjoy something different from the rest of the city, with some of the best current modern art pieces, and also one of the best views over Paris.

And so ends another day!

Paris Guide Map – Day 3 (Map 1) (Map 2)

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Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses


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